5 Ways to Bust Stress Heading Into the Holidays

The temperatures have dropped, the leaves have fallen and fresh powder is right around the corner. Know what else is? The holidays. What is a joyous time of year for some, can quickly turn into a stress fest for others. And when you layer in 2020 with its pandemic, work/school from home, election season, murder hornets, we’re likely all experiencing a level of cumulative stress fatigue that we may not even realize. Now, we can’t take away the events of 2020, but we can offer you some tips to get ahead of the game when it comes to beating the additional stresses that can come with the holiday season. 



Ok, ok we know you’re already doing this! But it can be the first thing to go out the window when the schedule gets tight because the days are shorter or the to-do list has gotten longer. Prioritizing exercise is crucial for a number of reasons, not least of which is that you’ll likely stress out about missing your workout. Short on time? Make it a shorter session. You’ll be happy you did something.


Get Touchy-Feely 

Did you know that snuggling up to a person or a pet releases the feel-good hormone oxytocin? According to science, we should get as many hugs as possible per day. Unfortunately, that just isn’t realistic for many of us during this pandemic, especially if we live alone. The good news is that self-massage provides similar effects. So grab your Recovery Balm and treat yourself to a nice foot or shoulder rub. 


Watch Your Nutrition

This should go without says, but what you eat and drink makes a big difference in how you feel. We don’t subscribe to any one “diet,” rather we aim to eat as close to the ground as possible? What’s that mean? Eating a diet rich in whole grains and plants, while avoiding processed foods. Feeling anxious? Try chomping on some crunchy veggies to get the energy out. Need some comfort? A warm bowl of oatmeal provides complex carbs that can prompt the brain to feel more serotonin. Getting too amped up on coffee? Try sipping a CBD energy drink with slightly less caffeine and mood-boosting vitamins and amino acids.


Take Your CBD Daily

Consistency is key in so many things, and taking your CBD is one of them. Many people report feeling more steady and less anxious when they take CBD regularly. Some even report better sleep which is hugely important for battling stress. Find out a schedule that works for you and stick to it. 


Let Go

Finally, this year we may have to let go of expectations in favor of sanity. The big family dinner might not happen, the dream vacation might get postponed and the perfect gift might get delayed (or lost) in the mail. (That’s why we’re sending our loved ones CBD gift cards – and you can too!) The more you embrace the “go with the flow” attitude this year, the better!


We know that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to managing stress, but we wholeheartedly believe in the benefits that CBD has to offer you as both an athlete and a human that lives in our stressed-out society. 

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