Race Harder

When You Need It Most, Hit the Aid Station

Fight pain and inflammation with a boost of CBD when you’re on the go.

Boost of pain-fighting CBD on the go

During a long training session or a grueling race, at the point when your body is screaming for relief and telling you slow down or give up, that’s when you reach for your Aid Station Gummies. Your secret weapon for prolonged endurance.

With these on-the-go Aid Station Gummies, you’ll keep the pain at bay with 25mg of pain-targeting, inflammation-reducing, THC-free CBD. They’re tasty, vegan, perfect in packs or pockets and provide a boost of CBD when you need it most.

Perfect for athletes looking to perform their best and keep pain at bay. Experience the confidence that comes with:

  • Reduced inflammation that causes pain, stiffness & immobility
  • Less pain during long training sessions & competition
  • All-natural alternative to drugs like ibuprofen



We recommend athletes use both.
These products are designed to compliment each other as part of the Venga CBD system. 

Ultra Gels: Maximum amount of medical grade CBD in your system and taken daily. 
Aid Station Gummies: Pain relieving boost of CBD on the go