How Venga CBD Benefits Athletes
Interview with Venga CEO Jay OHare

Go behind the scenes of Venga CBD with this in-depth interview with Venga CBD founder & CEO Jay OHare. This interview originally appeared on the 303 Endurance Podcast. Jay discusses the important role CBD can play in helping endurance athletes perform their best, why Venga CBD is different and significantly better than other products as well as how to get the most performance from CBD.

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Bill: [00:00:00] Hope you enjoy the show. Let’s get into the show right now

Bill: [00:00:03] here. All right. Rich and bill here with three of three endurance podcast. And we’ve been talking about the benefits of CBD for endurance athletes with respect to recovery, how it improves, sleep, how it reduces anxiety. No doubt.

You’ve heard us talk about Venga CBD over the past few weeks and in our. Interview with Heather Gollnick, I’ve switched to Vanga for a number of reasons. I’ll elaborate on a little later on. I know bill has to, we want to share what we are learning with you. And, uh, we have Venga CBDC, you know, Joe hair to help us kind of break down the science of Vanga CBD, the benefits of CBD in general and get into just a number of questions.

First of all. Welcome Jay. Thanks for joining us.

Jay: [00:00:47] Hey guys. Thanks for having me. It’s a pleasure to be here. I really appreciate it.

Bill: [00:00:51] It’s great to catch up with you and talk to you one on one or two on one, and I guess it is a, we’ve got some questions for you, but before we do, we would like [00:01:00] to let our audience in and perhaps, um, you know, folks who are learning about CBD, get to know Che O’Hare a little bit better.

We’ve got this little game, we play called two truths and a lie and. Are you willing to do that? Kind of share three, three facts about yourself, two of which are a truth. And one of which is Elian and bill. And I’ll try to guess which is which

Jay: [00:01:19] I will, I will try. I’m I’m not a good liar. So you might, you might snap that out pretty quickly, but I’ll give it a shot.

Okay. We’re ready. Okay. let’s see. I was born in Colorado. I have a physics degree. And, I used to work on jet engines.

Bill: [00:01:42] Okay. Phil, you want to go first? You want me to go? Sure.

Jay: [00:01:45] I’m going to say you were not born in college. Okay. What’s your answer? Rich.

Bill: [00:01:52] I’m going to stick. I’m going to stick with that one too.

Jay: [00:01:55] Yeah, that’s true. That’s true. Uh, I was born in, um, I just, I was born in Rochester, New York [00:02:00] and grew up in Nashville, Tennessee.

So, uh, it’s a good job. Yeah, you guys, you guys nailed that. So you have no accent in the tit

Bill: [00:02:06] engines. I’ve only hear about this jet engine thing.

Jay: [00:02:10] Uh, yeah, so I was in the air force, uh, before I went to college straight out of high school. Uh, I went in the air force and I was a jet engine mechanic in the air force, um, out in Southern California.

That’s fantastic. Yeah. Yeah. It was awesome. I loved it.

Bill: [00:02:24] All right. So you’re now you’re now resident of Colorado. Tell us briefly where you live and why.

Jay: [00:02:30] Yeah, so, I mean, so, so we’re in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and I’ve been here in Steamboat for 16 years. And then before that I was in the Vail Valley for about four years.

And just absolutely love Steamboat. you know, we’re far enough off the beaten path where things stay pretty, saying up here and not too, not too crowded and it’s beautiful. And you know, my passion is Oh, trail running and ultra running and we just have endless mountain trails here. And it’s just terrific.

Especially this time of year is just. It’s [00:03:00] just magical in terms of the trails and that sort of thing. And then of course in the winter, we’ve got great skiing, but also do a fair amount of, trail running and, and back country activities and things like that. So it’s a wonderful place to raise a family and, you know, quite frankly start a business.

And, about 10 years ago, I started a group, to get together forward thinkers, tech junkie. These entrepreneurs called ignite Steamboat to really, galvanized the entrepreneurial community here in Steamboat and that’s been great. So there’s a, there’s a lot of really terrific companies that have come out of Steamboat.

I mean, you think about honey stinger, big Agnes smart wool, and, and, and Venga is up and coming.

Bill: [00:03:41] So tell us about how you, your path to Vanga and you know, what was your personal connection to CBD?

Jay: [00:03:51] Yeah, that’s a great question. you know, quite frankly, I really thought that I had missed the cannabis train and what was going on with that.

And in 2017, I had an [00:04:00] opportunity to go to work for a small CBD manufacturing company. And in 2017, it became very clear to me that a couple of things are going on one. This. Substance has the capacity to, completely outperform anything else in cannabis, especially on the marijuana side, because of all the benefits.

And the second is that a lot of confusion around CBD and what it is. And, and especially at that time, there was a, there was a big stigma around it. And as I went to work for this company and I began to take it. not because I really understood why I needed to take it, but just like if I’m going to be in the company, I guess I would have drank the Koolaid.

So to speak what I noticed. It had a profound effect on my training for trail running and ultra running. And so it became clear to me that like, if we can solve the problem of confusion and really focus in on a specific group of people in this case, endurance athletes, [00:05:00] because. If you’re an endurance athlete, it’s not a question of if you’re going to get injured.

It’s a question. Yeah. When, and all of the suffering and, and that we put our bodies through, if we can, if we can do some really cool things there. I think that, I think that it’s, I think that, that, that, that we can make a go of this. So, so as my, as my time sort of wound down with this company, I decided to leave and start Venga.

Venga is actually a Spanish term. And it’s like a, it’s a, it’s a chant. It’s a motivation. It means come on, let’s go. And you know, you’ll see, oftentimes in the tour de France, you’ll see them when they, especially when they get in the parentees and are going through Spain, you know, you’ll see all the Spaniards on the side of the, of the mountain passes, you know, screaming, Venga, Venga, Venga.

So, you know, there’s real intention behind the name and, you know, there’s a sentiment behind it that, you know, we want to help you go, like, we want to help you. Let’s go let’s let’s, you know, let’s get this done. So, so that was the idea behind it. And, and, and so, like I said, we started the [00:06:00] company just about two years ago and we’re, and we’re absolutely having a blast.


Bill: [00:06:05] awesome.

Jay: [00:06:05] Yeah.

Bill: [00:06:06] What’s so fun. Yeah.

Jay: [00:06:09] You know, every day, well, a couple of things. One of the main things that makes this fun is the title of athletes that we get to work with. That, you know, there are people like us, they have, they have similar struggles and we hear from them on a daily basis of how this is helping them.

We hear from athletes who are recovering from injury. We hear from athletes who, who haven’t been able to do their sport. And so that’s super fun. The other piece is, I’m always up for a challenge, you know, hence. Jet engines and physics, those kinds of things. And so this is, this has been a real challenge.

It’s been a real challenge because in the beginning there was this stigma around like, Oh, CBD that’s marijuana. That’s bad. Well, no, no, it’s not. it’s that, that, that’s not what it is. And now it’s, it’s progressed to like, okay, I’m seeing this everywhere. And I have no idea what to buy or what people are telling us.

And they get very [00:07:00] confused. So for, for us, Running an eCommerce company direct to  consumer it’s, it’s, it’s a lot of fun being able to figure out like, and solve problems every day in terms of like, how can we best help athletes and how can we keep producing really the best product out there on the market?

Bill: [00:07:19] What’s the, what’s the thing, you know, as you said, trying to clear up the confusion out there, what are the things that athletes are maybe the most confused about in terms of

Jay: [00:07:30] CBD? So I think the industry has not done a great job of helping people understand. First of all, what CBD is, what does CBD stand for?

Like they can even tell you, people think it’s, Oh, that’s that’s marijuana. So I think there’s a lot of confusion around exactly what, what it is. you know, the fact that CBD stands for cannabidiol and that they don’t necessarily [00:08:00] understand that there are differences in quality. The, the, you know, it’s, it’s, it’s kinda like.

We can, we can understand that certain shoes that we buy at certain stores, aren’t going to perform as well as other shoes that we might buy at a specialty store. That’s abs had this actually made for our, for our sport. But, but sometimes we don’t equate that same scrutiny to the things that we put into our body.

So I think that’s one, I think the second is that they might confuse the fact that like, Oh, well, okay, this is just some sort of pain management thing, similar to ibuprofen or similar to something like that. And the fact is, is that it’s not, the fact is, is that we have a system in our body called the endocannabinoid, no system.

And D is what’s called a phytocannabinoid meaning that it comes from plants and that phytocannabinoid. Directly interacts with our endocannabinoid system. We don’t know and have an ibuprofen system. [00:09:00] We don’t have an opioid system. We don’t have a Tylenol system. We have an endocannabinoid system. And so this is an all natural plant based.

Remedy that helps us with pain and inflammation. And I think that’s another, another piece that we hear. And I would say probably the,  third thing is, , that’s important is that people, , they don’t know how much to take. So, and I, and I can totally relate because I remember the first time I ever took CBD, I opened up the bottle and I had a dropper and I was just kind of looking at it like.

Okay, here goes this, this, this, this nervousness around it, because I didn’t know what to expect. And, so I took it and, you know, 30 minutes later, like the world was still the same and nothing had changed. and so, I think it’s, I think it’s important people to understand that CBD is, is very, very well tolerated by the body.

It’s very safe. I mean, you essentially cannot overdose on it. You can’t get  addicted to it, and obviously it doesn’t get you high, those kinds of things. So, you know, I think. That dosing is a, is a [00:10:00] big issue for people. And we want to do a lot of education around that too. Yeah. I was a little bit confused on that myself.

When I was looking at

Bill: [00:10:07] the, you know, you sent me some capsules to try, it seemed a bit like you take one or you can take three. It was, I

Jay: [00:10:14] can’t remember exactly what it says, so I wasn’t sure. And I was kind of like, well, I want to, I want to make these last a little while. So I’ve just been taking like basically one a day.

Sure, sure. And I don’t know. I guess I don’t have a good feel for when I should try more. Well, so we have some guidelines that we include with every order. And, and, and so for general illness, R a R or gel capsules, soft gel capsules. Those are 25 milligrams. And we’ll get into a little bit, some stuff here in a little bit because, What you see on the label, isn’t necessarily exactly what you’re getting in your body.

So that’s another piece people need to be aware of, but in terms of our ultra gels, bill taking one a day at 25 milligrams, that’s [00:11:00] a, that’s a great, a place to start for general health and wellness and see how that goes. If you’re, you know, a lot of people are ramping up their mileage now, and they’re, you know, maybe doing some long stuff on the weekends and it’s, it’s Saturday night, you just did a, a long workout during the day.

You know, you can take another one. So you’re just, now you’re now you’re up to 50 milligrams a day. If you’ve got an injury, you just got out of surgery, you’ve got a lot of inflammation in your body, you know, then we can bump it up to three, three of those, which would be 76, five milligrams a day. So the idea it is, especially with endurance athletes.

Is that we can actually tailor the dosage to the amount of stress and, and, and punishment, if you will, that we’re putting our body through. Hmm. Interesting. That makes sense. Yeah. Yeah. It is it, is it a, is it a pre, a proactive or reactive. Sort of mentality that you recommend, like, so let’s just say, Oh, I’ll give you an example.

So [00:12:00] tomorrow

Bill: [00:12:01] I’m going weather permitting on a pretty decent ride. It’s

Jay: [00:12:04] not, it’s like 50,

Bill: [00:12:06] 60

Jay: [00:12:06] miles, but a lot of climbing. Sure. Should I, should I, should I take a couple of today instead of one? What would you, how would you approach that? Well, so, so two things, two ways I would approach it. One is, is that CBD does really well when it’s taken consistently over time.

So, for example, we had a gentleman that contacted us four days before he was going to go do a hundred miles a race. And he said, I want to start taking CBD. And we’re like, okay. You can, but what you want to, what you want to do is you really want to prime that endocannabinoid system in your body. So the endocannabinoid system, and we can get into that a little bit later on, but it, it, it works hand in hand with your immune system in terms of being able to keep your body in balance.

And when things, you know, inflammation is a function of the immune system and, and that’s great, and we do need inflammation because it does serve a purpose. However, [00:13:00] Our immune system tends to be like a binge eater. Like it doesn’t know when to stop. And so it actually, in many cases goes overboard.

So if our endocannabinoid system is functioning really well because we’ve got this additional phytocannabinoids in there, then when you go do your 50, 60 mile ride, your body is in a much better place to be able to deal with the pain and inflammation that may result from that ride. Then when you’re done.

Using things like, for example, topicals, for example, you may have like sore knees are sore wrists. Oftentimes people that ride, they have like sore lower backs. So we have a topical that we put on there and that stuff just works like magic. but then yes, taking some more because your body is going to be, more, probably more inflamed from that extra effort.

And so yeah, you could take some more and that helps keep, keep that inflammation in check. So, what are the things that, that, that we did is we looked at this, we said, you know, we, we want like a during because oftentimes, and look, I’m guilty of it myself. [00:14:00] oftentimes people will take. Things like ibuprofen during, along the, I didn’t like that.

And, we can get into stuff about ibuprofen, in, in, later on, but certainly that’s, that’s not necessarily the best thing that yes, you may have some pain relief there, but there can be a lot of downsides in taking ibuprofen during strenuous exercise like that. And so we actually have, we came up with gummies.

Because they’re easy to transport. We tried with our ultra gels and you can do it. You just gotta be careful cause they, they melt and they squish and they kind of make a mess. But, we came up with gummies to take CBD on the, go as a. Ibuprofen replacement. So, because a lot of the pain that you’re feeling during an event is because of inflammation and things that are happening like that, you know, during the event.

So you could actually take CBD as a boost during your ride and, instead of taking ibuprofen, and we also recommend that to be taken a little more proactively. So just like, you know, take one or two gummies and hours. [00:15:00] If you’re going to be out for a five or six hour ride, you know, you may want to take four or five gummies.

during, during the course of that, of that activity,

Bill: [00:15:07] it’s named aide station for a reason.

Jay: [00:15:10] Yes. Awesome. Exactly, exactly. Yeah. Our age station gummies. You’re right.

Bill: [00:15:16] But the boosters performance isn’t

Jay: [00:15:17] necessarily a result of taking it and then having something happen in your system

Bill: [00:15:23] immediately, it’s more of the,

Jay: [00:15:24] that you’ve recovered and kept

Bill: [00:15:27] inflammation down, leading up to the bigger push.

Jay: [00:15:31] Is that fair? Okay. For the most part. Yes. However, if you’re in pain during an activity, you know, that’s going to have an effect on your, on your performance. And so if we can, if we can deal with that pain and get you to a better spot, whether it’s, you know, for example, we have a lot of people that use our topical.

They take it, they’ll put it in a little tin or something like that, and they’ll take it with them and they’ll use their topical on, on a knee or on a, [00:16:00] on a, on a joint or a muscle. very good friend of mine was doing Leadville 100 and we’re, we’re there at twin lakes, you know, at, at nine, 10 o’clock at night and he’s at mile 65 or whatever.

And, and he knew that like he was going to need. The topical at that point and he puts it on and he’s like, you know, this stuff works like magic. I had another friend and it was doing the silver rush 50 up in Leadville and, super skeptical. He’s a math professor and awesome. I love the people when they’re skeptical.

And he was like, I don’t believe it. And this and that, the other. So I gave him some samples and he had a, he had a knee problem and. The morning of the race, his knee was acting up and he just said, let me just try it. He puts stuff on, he came back to me the next week and said, Jay, I’m telling you, I’m a believer.

He said, I had this knee problem. And I put on the recovery balm and it didn’t bother me the entire race. So, so, so that is a way if we can deal with pain, that is a way that we can, we can enhance a performance.

Bill: [00:16:55] I agree with it. I mean, I had this, I have an it that I did do exactly what you just said, and it did [00:17:00] work

Jay: [00:17:00] and, I guess my point was more, it’s not like a vasodilator where there’s

Bill: [00:17:04] any other

Jay: [00:17:04] symptom or any other

Bill: [00:17:06] part of your system that it’s, it’s not opening up or it’s not, it’s more about inflammation control

Jay: [00:17:11] and, and pain management than it is about

Bill: [00:17:14] something else.

That’s true.

Jay: [00:17:16] That’s. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Yeah.

Bill: [00:17:20] Well asked we’ll play bill. Great. he, so I I’d like to switch to a couple of other questions that are, that I’ve, but looking at it on the bingo FAQ page. And I think, I think there’s some good ones on there that are, are worth discussing. First of all, some of the things that are are.

That are kind of

Jay: [00:17:40] on the labels here,

Bill: [00:17:41] right. That you’re, you’re talking about or, or, or referring to as, features are nano emulsion. So what is it, what is nano emulsion and why, and how does it make

Jay: [00:17:53] Vegas CBD better? Yeah. Yeah. This is a good one. So one of the things that. A lot in a [00:18:00] lot of companies in the city industry don’t want to talk about.

And that is the concept of bioavailability. And I think your audience could, could appreciate this because you know, bioavailability basically means how much of a substance that you take actually makes it in the bloodstream to make a difference. So it doesn’t matter that you ingest something. because it can just get passed straight through your body is how much actually gets in the bloodstream.

And so, CBD is an oil CBD oil and our bodies are 60 plus percent water. And we all know that oil and water don’t mix very well. And as a result, oils are not very well absorbed in the body. In fact, the bioavailability of, of typical oils, including CBD is between 10 and 15%. Meaning that you’re losing, you know, 90% of what you’re taking, never makes it into your bloodstream to make a difference.

[00:19:00] And so when we started Venga, we looked around and said, yo, this, this is a real issue because people are paying for this. And they don’t realize just because they’re taking it. They’re not getting it into their bloodstream. And so we found a manufacturer that could do a polysorbate. Nano emulsion. And that’s a kind of a complicated way to, to, to, to, to, to basically say ours is water soluble.

In other words, we turn the CBD into droplets that are so tiny, that for all intents and purposes, it’s basically dissolved in water. And what that does is, is it does a couple of things. One, it allows the CBD to pass through the gut and get into the bloodstream much more quickly. It doesn’t need to be metabolized by the liver and in doing so you have a bio availability in the 85% plus range.

So you’re going from 10% with typical products. Two 85 plus percent [00:20:00] actually in your bloodstream to make a difference. And, it’s expensive. you know, yeah, we, we, we certainly pay for it. I mean, our margins, aren’t going to be as good as other companies for sure. But I think for athletes and we see this time and time again, we hear is.

We hear from customers pro athletes, as well. you know, I’ve been taking CBD for a long time. Why is yours different? We get them to try ours and they come back and they say, Holy cow, this, this is totally different than what I was taking before. So this speaks to the. The point that I made earlier is that not all CBD is created equal.

The things that you find at the gas station or in the supermarket or those kinds of things. It’s, those are mass market products that, you just gotta be careful about. So we made up a conscious decision to keep a super simple product line and then have the highest quality products. So when I say that, it’s, you know, that’s, that’s part of it is that ours is water soluble.

Which means that you’re getting the [00:21:00] maximum amount into your bloodstream now. You could vape it, you could vape CBD. and some people do do that and that’s fine. You know, I’m not sure interested in doing that to my lungs, but, but that is the way and, and that, that does have a higher bioavailability.

So, so that’s, that’s a, that’s a great question. Rich. I appreciate that. Can you watch it out?

Bill: [00:21:20] Can you drink too much

Jay: [00:21:21] water with it? For instance, like electrolyte drink where you almost don’t it just

Bill: [00:21:25] goes right through your system or is that not really possible?

Jay: [00:21:28] perhaps, you know, I, I I’d have to look a little bit further into that piece, but it is very, very readily absorbed in the, in the body.

So, you know, I still think that even if, even if that were the case, you’re going to be getting more than the 10 or 15%, you know, into your system.

Bill: [00:21:45] There are a couple of other things that I see,

Jay: [00:21:48] you know, that you advertising it

Bill: [00:21:49] being whole plant. And I’m curious, kind of like, you know, how does whole plant kind of translate into the benefits to the,

Jay: [00:21:56] to the athlete?

Yeah. So [00:22:00] what research has shown is that CBD, and this is, this is not uncommon. Many times there are drugs remedies, things that people are taking supplements. That do better than that, that come from a plant and that isolate of the active ingredient, meaning that they’ve isolated it down to just that one.

Yeah. Saying doesn’t perform as well in the body as when it has all the other elements from the plant. So with, with ours, we use it all the plants. So in other words, we’re going to get. all of the other cannabinoids, so CBD is one cannabinoid, but there’s other cannabinoids in there. We’re going to get the other turpines and that helps CBD work more effectively in the body and the industry, we call it the entourage effect, meaning that the CBD with [00:23:00] this entourage of these other cannabinoids helps CBD work more efficiently in the body.

Now, the one thing that we do that is a little bit different is that we do. Use a liquid chromatography process to actually take out the THC. so, so that way, you know, people it’s, ours is completely THC free. People are concerned about drug tests or different things like that. They can, they can rest assured that they’re not going to fail a drug test for THC.

And, you know, that’s, that’s important for a lot of people. so you get all the great stuff that you need to have for me to work in your body and you’re not getting the, the THC.

Bill: [00:23:44] Yeah, that’s great. That’s awesome.

Jay: [00:23:49] yeah. And, and it might be worth just mentioned. I mean, just some people might not know.

And I, and I was probably too presumptuous there, but the THC is the psychoactive component [00:24:00] of the, of the cannabis plant. You know, that’s the, that’s the piece that gets you high that’s. So, so all of ours comes from hemp, but then there’s also the other side of the cannabis plant. That’s that’s marijuana and that’s very high in THC.

So, there is a, there is a, there is a distinction there.

Bill: [00:24:19] So one of the things that we, we wanted to chat with you about is we’re excited about, being a, having Vegas CBD as a sponsor for our show. We we’ve had a chance to try it. we’ve gotten some of our questions answered here with you. One of the things I wanted to talk about was like, you know, Talk, I’d like to talk about the, the way that our listeners, and anybody who listens to this interview can, can get access to Vegas CBD.

Like how do you order it? you know, and what do you do with it when it arrives? What’s the out of the box experience?

Jay: [00:24:49] Oh, I love that. Yeah, that’s a great question. Rich. Well, we’re at Vanga cbd.com. And so it’s really easy to it’s spelled V E N G a CBD calm, [00:25:00] and, you know, you can go on there and order, we ship all over the country.

We’re not restricted, you know, or anything like that. So, you know, if you want it, we’ll ship it to you. It’s great. and. Everything comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. So try it risk free for 60 days if you don’t like it. you know, will no questions asked, just say, Hey, this didn’t work for me.

We’ll give you money back. No problem. it is astonishing to me. How many. Refunds, we don’t do. I mean, honestly, it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s really been, something that’s, that’s been very, very satisfying. And just, if we just, we’re just not having to issue refunds, people get it. And they like it. And I think, I think a lot of it is is that we also, if you go to our website, one thing that we have to there’ll be great for your listeners is.

We wrote a endurance athletes guide to CBD. So it’s a 60 page. It’s free. You can download it to 60 pages, a guide that we wrote. That’s everything that you want to know about why you would take it, how it helps endurance athletes, what it does in the body, how to [00:26:00] get started and things like that. So I would encourage people to, just to go grab that.

If you’re, if you’re curious, you can, you can grab that and read it. and we tried to make it. As, not get too technical and too in the weeds, but you know, there is some, there is a fair amount of fair amount of information there, so it’s, so it’s pretty good. and they can order that online at  dot com and we ship it out.

And I think the, you know, the, the out of the box experience is just get started. You know, it’s funny. I just shared this with rich yesterday. We got a. Email from a new customer who is, absolutely insane. Uber ultra athlete. It’s amazing what this woman has done. And she’s been having these problems and she’s just been heavy, heavy, heavy on the ibuprofen.

And her physical therapist gave her some of the recovery balm and a specific on the shelf for like a month. And she just hasn’t tried it. So the ibuprofen [00:27:00] just was not working. And so she said, you want me to try this? And she was absolutely blown away. and she emailed us and said, Oh my God, you know, I’ve been using this ibuprofen, I tried this and it’s just, it’s really worked for me.

And I think that that to me encapsulates, like, just get started, you have a shot, like there’s, there’s nothing to, you know, you’re not going to lose anything. If it doesn’t work, just give us, you know, let us know and we’ll send your money back. You keep it. so I think getting started is, is the right one with the ultra gels, the oral, you know, taking the CBD internally.

I would take one of those starting off in the evening for most people just take one in the evening. it actually works. Ours is different. It works better on an empty stomach. so, but sometimes there have been cases where people just, it makes them feel a little bit relaxed. And so maybe you don’t want that, but in the morning, but, but for most people.

There’s not going to be a significant difference in like how it makes them feel immediately for sure. And a so many people, including myself, take it first thing in the morning with a [00:28:00] glass of water on an empty stomach. And that’s a great way to get started there with the recovery balm. It’s a topical and you just, you just take a big glob out and you put it on the muscle and you rub it in, you know, you massage that in.

And, we went a little different route because. You know, sleep is a big deal for a lot of things. When you’re injured and you have a pulled muscle or you have something like that. It’s really great. If you can have some pain relief before you go to sleep. And the problem with a lot of athletic bombs is that they, they smell really bad.

So, you know, they have a, they have a very strong smell and, and, and the reason is because they’re doing those bombs are doing different things, you know, they’re, they’re, they’re stimulating, you know, their heat, they’re stimulating blood flow, those kinds of things. So, so inherently they smell that way.

Well, CBD works very differently. So we said, well, why don’t we make ours different and make it like lavender and eucalyptus. It’s very calming. And so if someone needs to put this on before they go to bed, they’re not going to be, you know, in a, [00:29:00] you know, in a, in a situation where they’ve got this smelly stuff on same thing, office and things like that, you can put it on.

So, get started with that. If you’ve got like an aching joint knees, things like that, you get some of this and, and, and just get started.

Bill: [00:29:14] Well, I wanted to thank you for forwarding that email from, that,

Jay: [00:29:17] that new user.

Bill: [00:29:19] if you will, I, you know, Like her. I mean, I, I personally have chosen CBD because it really helped me with what has been chronic inflammation in my knees.

I’ve just seen it. My knees are older, right? I’ve got cartilage loss and anything over a six mile run. I I’d come home and my knees would be swollen the rest of the day and into the evening,

Jay: [00:29:40] doesn’t

Bill: [00:29:40] go away very well on its own without a lot of ice. And. And other interference and CBD has really completely changed that for me.

I, you know, I personally have switched over to CBD for, or sorry, Vanga CBD for a couple of reasons. And you just mentioned a few of them. First of all, the gels are tasteless and those [00:30:00] tinctures, they have a taste to this tasteless and it’s. One of the points you made, how much dosing was I really getting, you know, with a tincture, this is very precise and, and on the recovery balm.

Oh man. It, the, the feel and the smell of this stuff. And I’ve got it right here. I don’t know if you can, it’s not coming through the microphone. I know, but, it’s pretty amazing. And, and, it’s really been a game changer for me. The, you know, the other thing I love it is it you’re right here in Colorado, of course.

And. And I just really like the on emotional level. I love it because I believe in the mission, I believe, you know, when you forwarded that email and you put in, you know, in your email, this is why we do this. This is what it’s for. And you read this, this story about this person who. You know, maybe not able to live, you know, you know, race and train and, and kind of live life the way she wants to, because she’s being limited in some way, able to able to continue her [00:31:00] ultra running career, with some assistance.


Jay: [00:31:03] that’s great. It’s great. And this is why, like, you know, part of it too, for your listeners is we want to partner with and support. Organizations and people like yourselves, you know, for example, we, we’re, we’re, we’re patriotic supporters for Billy Yang. some of your listeners might know who Billy Yang is.

He’s, just a phenomenal, storyteller. He’s got his own pie, these, but these, I mean, this guy’s like he does videos. Yeah. So it’s sort of a videographer is really what his, what his passion is. And he’s just got amazing videos and he follows the ultra running. scene or, the ginger runner, you know, so we, we, we looked to support people like you guys, who are storytellers, who are helping connect us, who are helping people make better decisions, helping educate people, and helping, helping people live better lives.

And, so we’re super excited and, we’re, we’re so [00:32:00] excited. In fact that we came up with a Oh, code for your listeners. And, I mean, this is, this is how much we believe in it, rich, like, so we’re giving 30% off. Your first order, with the promo code 303 podcasts. And you just use that, when you’re checking out you enter that code three Oh three podcasts and you get 30% off your first order.

And, like I say, we ship everywhere and we believe in it that much that we can say, Hey, you know, W we know that like, if someone tries this and they like it and they get results from it, they’re going to come back and it’s going to be great for everybody. So, so yeah, I use that promo code 303 podcasts for 30% off.

And, you know, and then we also added in just recently, we added in gifts cards. So if there’s somebody that, you know, that’s got a birthday coming up and they’re a big CBD user or whatever, you can send them a gift card, which is great. and then we also have subscriptions, which is fantastic. And it’s fantastic because.

Like I said earlier, CBD works really well when you take it consistently. [00:33:00] This is, this is different than ibuprofen, which you may take, you know, just for like a day or two or for a specific episode. The CBD works really well when you take it consistently over time. And so inevitably what happens is people will go buy it.

And they’ll use it for, you know, a month and then they run out and it’s like, Oh God, I gotta remember to go buy it again. And then it becomes a thing. And then a couple of weeks goes by and all that. Well with a subscription, you just don’t have to worry about it. You just basically you set it and forget it.

And then by the time you run out, The new supplies right there. And you never miss a beat. So we’re trying to do what we can to make this a really easy for people. So between things like the endurance athletes guide to CBD, which they can download supporting programs, like, like, like this podcast. And then giving people really easy ways to make this a part of their life.

We only have three products. that’s it, one for tracing, one for training, one for racing, and one for recovery. Super simple. and like you said, rich, this, isn’t the thing where you have to put under your tongue and kind of wonder [00:34:00] about how to under there long enough. Now my mouth tastes bad and how much did I really get?

It’s none of that. It’s just you take it and go with these with the soft gels. So, so yeah, that could be, another, hopefully real benefit for your, for your listeners. Awesome.

Bill: [00:34:13] And I know you guys put out a lot of content and what we’re going to be doing is

Jay: [00:34:17] kind of just

Bill: [00:34:17] watching and subscribing to your newsletter.

So we can kind of see a as content comes on, we’ll share it with our listeners. Really appreciate your time, Jay, this has been a blast.

Jay: [00:34:27] Yeah, thanks guys. This is a lot of fun and we’ll have to connect, you know, if you guys are headed up to Steamboat or when we come to Denver or that sort of thing, so

Bill: [00:34:35] forget, but that was kind of interesting.

A lot of interesting things.

Jay: [00:34:42] Yeah. I enjoyed listening to him on many of the topics and I actually feel like I got some good education about the product of from vinca itself. So it was a nice. You know, combination of things. We’ve had a

Bill: [00:34:57] couple, yeah. Guests on the show to talk about CBD. Cause [00:35:00] it has been, it has become such a, such a thing with endurance sports.

I think Jay probably described it and summed it up in the most kind of easily digestible way. It can just broke it down in a way that I can understand it. Anyway. I agree.

Jay: [00:35:13] Yeah. It’s not overly technical. Just enough to validate. You know things, but, yeah, it was good.

Bill: [00:35:20] It was really good. Yeah. Folks, if you’ve got any questions about,

Jay: [00:35:24] about today’s show or

Bill: [00:35:25] whatever, just, you know, feel free to, obviously if it’s technical, shoot it over to the folks over at, Banga CBD.

if you’ve got an interesting comment about, you know, how you use CBD in your training, if you’ve had success with it, I’d say post it, let us know, send us an email and we’d like to hear your story.

Jay: [00:35:41] That’d be awesome. Especially,

Bill: [00:35:44] especially if you’re a Vegas CBD user.

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