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How to Create an Effective Endurance Training Plan

Do you want to build up the capacity for longer physical activity while improving overall health and fitness? Endurance training greatly reduces fatigue during strenuous activity while enhancing muscle tone and cardiac functioning. Whether you’re new to exercise or an

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How to Optimize Nutrition for Endurance Performance

Picture yourself conquering mountains, pushing your limits, and surpassing all expectations. But how can you achieve such athletic mastery? The answer lies in a carefully crafted nutrition and supplement plan. Nutrition is one of the most important aspects of endurance

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5 Ways To Improve Your Marathon Times

It’s time to start thinking about improving your marathon times for this year! While the hours of training running long distances with high intensity is certainly key, other major components can help you get faster times over those 26.2 miles.

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The Overtraining Survival Guide

Are You Training Too Much? Overtraining can be a serious problem for athletes. It can lead to injuries, illness, and a decrease in performance. It can also cause feelings of depression and anxiety. The Overtraining Survival Guide will help athletes

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2022 Training Calendar

Setting Up the 2022 Training Calendar

Coach Scott Jones and Venga CBD founder Jay OHare bust out the new 2022 training calendar to talk about how to efficiently and effectively plan your year of training. Whether you are running your first ultra or training for multiple

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Athlete Anatomy Physiology

The Anatomy & Physiology of an Athlete

Here at Venga we’re total physiology nerds. We’ve been geeking out over the Institute of Human Anatomy’s YouTube channel where they use real cadavers to show and explain all kinds of conditions and processes of the human body.
This is a truly amazing YouTube channel.

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5 Tips to Avoid Running Injuries

In celebration of Global Running Day, we have 5 tips to avoid running injuries! National Running Day has been celebrated in the United States since 2009 as part of an effort to get more people moving and encourage folks to

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How to Get Better Sleep

How to Get Better Sleep If you’ve ever Googled “how to get better sleep,” you know just how important sleep is for athletes – and yours is likely suffering. Sleep gives your body and your mind the ability to rest,

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2021 Wall Training Calendar For Athletes

The Ultimate Training Calendar

As athletes we strive to show up on race day prepared and ready to rock!  To achieve this, we have to train consistently – and how do we do that?  We make a plan! “A failure to plan is planning

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Heather Gollnick training

Athletic Training & Racing Secrets

5-time Ironman Champion and Spartan Elite Pro Team member Heather Gollnick joins us for an informative interview. In this discussion, Heather gives some incredible athletic training tips from her years of competing at the highest level, helping athletes at all

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CBD versus Opioids

CBD vs. Opioids: Pain Management Landscape

You don’t need us to tell you that the United States is in the middle of an opioid epidemic. But one normally healthy group may be more vulnerable to opioid addiction than most: endurance athletes. Here’s what the research says:

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Pilates for Cycling

Pilates Is My Secret Weapon In Cycling

Guest post by professional cyclist, Anne Donley As a certified Pilates instructor and professional cyclist, what I’ve learned is that your body wears out just like your bike. When any specific component is used repetitively, it eventually gets worn. You

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Ditch the Ibuprofen and Still Beat the Pain

Inflammation Bringing You Down? Consider CBD. As athletes, experiencing pain from inflammation in both our muscles and internal organs is the inevitable price we pay for our sport. But when these conditions start to become chronic it’s time to take

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Why Endurance Sports?

Why do we do these sports? Why do we voluntarily put ourselves through all kinds of hellish conditions, suffer pain and often injury and yet find ourselves at the finish line or the end of a workout and want to

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