Pacing & Racing: CBD Podcast Chat

pacing and racing podcast

Will CBD Show up in a drug test? Will you get high? Does it matter what type of CBD you use? What are effective doses and methods of consumption? And how does this benefit athletic performance? These are some of the themes we explore together in The Pacing and Racing Podcast highlighting CBD for Endurance […]

2 Ways CBD Speeds Up Your Recovery

CBD and Recovery

There are 2 ways CBD speeds up your recovery. Have you ever had one of those days where it felt like you just had the hardest workout of your life, and you could barely make it to your front door before your legs and body began to give out? Your only thought, “How the hell […]

Improved Sleep with CBD

sleep with cbd

Many of us have sleep issues. Some nights you may have no problem hitting the hay but more often than not you might find your mind racing beyond control. For many, and possibly even you, a struggle with sleep can be a difficult reality. But the truth is that about 70 million people in the […]