Will CBD Show up in a drug test? Will you get high? Does it matter what type of CBD you use? What are effective doses and methods of consumption? And how does this benefit athletic performance? These are some of the themes we explore together in The Pacing and Racing Podcast highlighting CBD for Endurance Athletes!

The Pacing and Racing Podcast is hosted by Steven Langenhuizen. Steven helps athletes achieve peak human performance in everyday life. The podcast helps you learn mindset, diet, training and race tactics from the brightest minds and strongest endurance athletes in the world.

Steven has interviewed over 100 Professional athletes and loves picking their brains on self-hacks to becoming a peak performing athlete. Steven takes the longevity approach to performance, which is why he invites some of the top cutting-edge health experts on to discuss nutrition, diets, chronic illnesses, longevity, aging, bio hacking, alternative medicine, and more.

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Endurance Athlete's Guide to CBD

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