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Venga Water Soluble CBD is Perfect for OCR Athletes

When engineering our advanced nano-tech enabled CBD, we took into account the range of health issues and conditions you may be facing and then devised a therapeutic supplement that best addresses them. These issues and conditions include:

  • Acute & chronic pain
  • Insomnia & restlessness
  • Inflammation
  • Stress & anxiety


  • Muscle soreness
  • Training Recovery
  • Arthritis & joint pain
  • Injury Recovery
VengaCBD Products

About Our CBD

  • 100% organic
  • No known side effects
  • No addictive properties
  • THC-free
  • Federally legal

5x CBD in Bloodstream

Our water soluble CBD delivers 5x more CBD into your bloodstream than typical CBD oil products.

Our PCR Hemp CBD products can give you an edge and help you perform your best. 

  • Targets pain throughout your body
  • Targets inflammation that causes pain, stiffness and immobility
  • Lowers stress and anxiety to help keep you focused, calm and moving forward
  • Enhances sleep so your body can heal and recharge
  • Speeds recovery from injury and muscle soreness



Jacob & Leah Approved!

“Holy cow, my last Ultra was a hard course! But taking Venga CBD the night before and balm for recovery worked so good. My legs were trashed, but Venga CBD expedited the recovery process. You guys have a great product.”

~Jacob Bosecker

“I’ve been taking Venga CBD for sleep and can’t say enough good things about how much it has helped me get a solid night’s rest.”

~Leah Hensley

Jacob & Leah

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CBD Ultra Gels – Max Performance CBD

Venga Ultra Gels are formulated for maximum performance from a CBD supplement. Ultra Gels delivers the maximum amount of CBD in an oral form along with these benefits.

Maximum Bioavailability of CBD from an Oral Supplement
Our water soluble CBD Ultra Gels give you the most CBD in your body to help fight pain, recover faster and perform at your best.

Reduces Inflammation
CBD has been proven to reduce inflammation which is the #1 source of pain. Less inflammation helps your body heal faster so you can train more consistently.

Medical Grade PCR Hemp
With up to 10x more cannabinoids than typical industrial hemp, more elements are available to aid the recovery and support processes.

Works Fast
You can trust that Ultra Gel CBD gets to work in your body faster than any other oral CBD supplement.

Take it On the Go
On the bike, trail or train, Ultra Gel softgel capsules are the most convenient form of oral CBD.

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Venga CBD Ultra Gels

What is Venga’s Water Soluble CBD?

Advanced Nano-Tech Enabled CBD

Nano-Emulsion Technology creates droplets so small that up to 5 times more CBD enters your bloodstream as compared to a typical CBD product.

Oil and water don’t mix so taking typical CBD OIL products are extremely ineffective because our bodies are 60%+ water! Typical CBD Oil products have a bioavailability (amount absorbed into your bloodstream) of only about 15% at best!

Venga CBD uses a patented nano-emulsion process to create a tiny, tiny, nano-sized emulsion droplets of CBD which allows for complete water solubility and maximum bioavailability.

Venga UltraGels provide 85%+ bioavailability, which is 5 times greater than typical CBD products.

People buy from us because they know they are getting much more than just CBD oil. They are getting a performance product formulated and engineered to meet their demands.

Each Ultra Gel Contains: 

Venga CBD Ultra Gels
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Endurance Athlete's Guide to CBD

Free Download - CBD Guide for Endurance Athletes

Everything you need to know - what CBD is, how it works and how to use CBD to perform your best!

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CBD Recovery Balm

Ultra-fast, targeted pain relief

Sore muscles, strains, twists, aching knees. We’ve been there.

Our CBD Recovery Balm is formulated to deliver pain relief FAST. Relief comes from our NANO-emulsion CBD that penetrates the skin up to four times more than standard CBD.

This means you get faster relief that lasts longer.

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