The Anatomy & Physiology of an Athlete

Athlete Anatomy Physiology

Here at Venga we’re total physiology nerds. We’ve been geeking out over the Institute of Human Anatomy’s YouTube channel where they use real cadavers to show and explain all kinds of conditions and processes of the human body.
This is a truly amazing YouTube channel.

The First Women’s Grand Canyon 2x R2R2R Fastest Known Time Record

Often the craziest ideas are the ones that give you the best memories. But for Venga CBD ambassador, Chrissy Parks, the idea to cross the Grand Canyon 4 times total in a row, on foot, and solo, didn’t seem crazy. It just felt like something she wanted to do.  So on an early morning of […]

Athletic Training & Racing Secrets

Heather Gollnick training

5-time Ironman Champion and Spartan Elite Pro Team member Heather Gollnick joins us for an informative interview. In this discussion, Heather gives some incredible athletic training tips from her years of competing at the highest level, helping athletes at all abilities achieve their peak performance. Join us as we learn ways to get a competitive […]