CBD For Athletes – What To Know (Natural Running Network Podcast)

CBD for athletesVenga CBD was an invited guest to the Natural Running Network podcast, to talk with Coach Richard Diaz about the power of CBD for athletes. You can listen to this informative show here:

It is surprising how many athletes i know who are using CBD’s for a variety of reasons. The more I investigated the more I came to realize that CBD’s are nature’s anti-inflammatory solution and that is only the tip of the iceberg!

This episode is a very in depth interview with Jay O’Hare founder of Venga Endurance an extremely high quality manufacture of CBD products and an Ultra distance runner who gets it. I know a lot of people who either shy away from the idea of taking a hemp based supplement in fear of being “dosed” with THC or just ill informed.

About Diaz Human Performance:
There is no substitute for experience. Diaz Human Performance offers coaching, VO2 max testing, running gait analysis and more. If you are interested in improving your sports performance, you have arrived at the right destination. With nearly 2 decades of experience serving endurance athletes, we’ve been providing VO2 max tests, Gait analysis, writing personalized training programs for Runners, Triathletes and Obstacle Racers through heart rate prescription. We are prepared to see you through to your goals.

About Natural Running Network:
The Natural Running Network Podcast is a treasure trove of amazing interviews, with some of the brightest minds in sports medicine, physiologists, athletes and training advice compiled over the past half decade. It has become a popular resource for endurance athletes that visit regularly to glean the tips on running skill, heart rate training and so much more.

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