“I am a 48-year-old runner and find that my body doesn’t always work like it used to. So, I wanted to try CBD to see if it would make a difference. I am a few weeks into this cycle and I can say that I have noticed a difference. I am not nearly as sore after a hard workout and I definitely sleep deeper and more soundly at night.” – Jeff 

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Great energy and flavor

Great flavor, not overly sweet. Good amount of energy after little sleep

Awesome Stuff

I’ve used the gel caps everyday for over a year. Definitely help me recover. Love em!

I’m loving my gummies

These have been my go to after runs and races! Just can’t get enough. Tempted to use them before and after runs and workouts! Just amazed at me recovery and good I feel and helps me to keep pushing harder!

Energy Drink

As part of the package we ordered, we tried the CBD Energy Drink. Being on the go with many activities, this was convenient to take. I like drinking water and enjoy caffeine as well so this was convenient as a 2 in 1. And it has the benefit of the CBD additive. What I like about this is that it did not make me feel too jumpy or hyper like coffee and it helped with augmenting the balm I was using. Definitely worth a try.

Hoping For More?

I’ve tried a number of other CBD brands and it seems to be that all are filled with hope and possibly hype about the benefits of using CBD products. As an aging athlete who is active and cycling long hours and miles I search for aiding my recovery post training and events. I do feel that I have received some positive benefits with the use of Venga CBD. However I don’t find it to be a miracle additive as some reviewers state. I’m just being straightforward in this review. I will order another bottle to see if repeated usage for two months may increase the effective benefits of CBD. Other CBD products I’ve used have been tinctures and not digested through the digestive tract like the Venga brand. Customer service and shipping has been superb and informative material they have provided.

Venga CBD Endurance System

Well, for a number of years my wife has been struggling with undiagnosed chronic pain. Taking ibuprofen constantly was not a prospect she wanted to deal with. We discovered Venga CBD and she started taking the Endurance System. Two weeks in and the difference is remarkable. She is experiencing less pain and now she can walk without being a nightmare. We understand that this is just the start, but literally with Venga she can now take steps toward feeling better. I highly recommend this product for anyone looking to get some relief from chronic pain. Sincerely, Ed Leon

Aid Station Gummies (Vegan)

Love the Whole Endurance System

I love the whole system, especially the gels which I use during and right after longer and more intense workouts. Strongly recommend them to anyone looking to speed their recovery and optimize their training!

Great product for any level runner

After my Spartan race and umpiring 2 games on the plate, I didn’t feel too bad. The next morning I went to work and my ankles were throbbing, had knee pain just above the knee, traps were tight.10 mins after rubbing in the Venga CBD recovery balm, I was pretty much pain free. Amazing results of combining the gels with the balm. Have used stim units, pad massagers and an over abundance of ibuprofen with no where near the results. 

Helped My Achilles Tendinopathy

Yeah, used the venga balm at night and it helped reduce inflammation in my lower leg. Thanks!


It’s so hard to say wich Venga product I like the most because they all work so well but the gummies are definitely the most delicious and best way to start my long runs, I even take them during my run and they don’t upset my stomach at all.

Cbd gels

The cbd gels are an amazing recovery supplement! They keep muscle pain to a minimum while shortening recovery time! Amazing product

Fantastic for the long haul

Love using these in the later stages of long distance runs. No stomach issues and gives me the boost I need to keep pushing.

My fav CBD energy drink

My favorite drink for 45 min + workouts.

I love this stuff

I use this several times daily on any trouble areas and muscles that need a little help healing or recovering. This helped me heal from an ankle sprain and has helped me overcome some plantar fasciitis issues that popped up after the sprain.

Bye bye aleve

I was using Aleve daily to soothe my running aches and pains when I learned about this product. I absolutely love that I’m not putting chemicals into my body and getting anti inflammatory relief.

Drink up and feel better.

Takes care of your thirst and it gives you a boost, plus great flavor!

Feeling so much better!

I have been taking 1 cbd gel a day and 1 gummy’ when I train. I was suffering with chronic pain and for the first time in years I am almost pain free! I love these products. They are life changing

Rave for these Gummies

For running long distances these are a must-have. Not only do they curb some aches and pains they seem to curb hunger a bit for me. At least I’m not thinking about food. I must have for my ultra distances.

Great taste, and list of energy!

Very easy and tasty too! Gave me a great energy boost going into the several rounds of workout I have to get through!

Better than expected..

Used as a recovery drink after a hot half marathon this weekend. Great flavor and put me at ease after my body wasn’t happy. Highly recommend!

This Works Great

Tastes terrific and works great.
I love all things made by Venga

Works great!

Have been looking for a great way to incorporate CBD into my training and Ultra Gels – Daily CBD Oil are perfect! Easy ordering, shipping and service. Plus, the product works great and has helped reduce soreness and inflammation from long runs.

Love these gummies!

These gummies taste great and are easy to digest while on the go. They are my new favorite while training!

Came back for seconds

This is my second time around using Venga CBD. I had stopped using CBD for a little while and tried a competitor brand but I wasn’t thrilled with the recovery effects like I saw with Venga CBD. I’ve been training more and wanted a CBD product that helps with sore muscles and this is the product for me. I’m looking forward to a grueling next six months with Venga on board for the journey.


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