“I am a 48-year-old runner and find that my body doesn’t always work like it used to. So, I wanted to try CBD to see if it would make a difference. I am a few weeks into this cycle and I can say that I have noticed a difference. I am not nearly as sore after a hard workout and I definitely sleep deeper and more soundly at night.” – Jeff 

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Ultra Sleep Bundle
rob lavielle
Love the Products

Venga bundle helps both recovery and sleep, this is my daily routine now, I fall asleep faster and get more sound sleep through the night. Both this and the recovery gel works so well for my active lifestyle! You have to try it!!

Recovery Balm
Adrienne Doherty
Recovery must have

This is definitely my go to for sore muscles and joints. I never leave it out of my race bag. I’ve also been putting it on the bottom of my foot and it’s helped a ton with plantar fasciitis. Love this stuff!

Venga Super Sleep
Daniel Smilkstein

This is not a sedating supplement, but does provide relaxation. Along with general good sleep hygiene I believe it does assist with ease and quality of sleep.

Venga Super Sleep
Thea Craft
Great product!

I’d been having terrible sleep due to menopause symptoms but after taking the Super Sleep have been sleeping MUCH better!!

CBD Energy Drink Mix
Charles Miske
Goes down good on a dry workout

Took it along on a bit steep outside training run in the mountains mixed just a little bit thin and sipped it as I went. Felt good. Thanks.

Happier feet & carpel hand

After hearing how the Venga CBD gel‘s have helped a few of my friends I decided to give it a try in effort to help my neuroma in my toes and my carpal tunnel in my left hand. After a few weeks I was able to walk my hour walk without my feet burning & hurting and my carpal tunnel has greatly improved! Nothing else has worked and these gels have been a lifesaver I highly recommend for aches and pains. I am a 52, very healthy and active & on no medications. If you’re looking for a natural way and even wanting to avoid a potential surgery give these a try.

Recovery Balm
Brianne Showman
So Effective!

The Recovery Balm kept the muscle soreness down during a 3-day CrossFit competition, allowing me to continue competing at a high level in each event.

Venga Super Sleep
Frances Carter
Sleeping better

I can definitely tell a difference in the quality of my sleep using Venga’s super sleep. I fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly through the night.

I've noticed a difference.

I recently ran a 13 mile mountain run with about 3000ft elevation gain. I tried these for the first time, and I noticed I didn’t get achy or fatigued on the longer climbs. I feel really good two days later, and noticed very quick recovery with these, compression garments, and an ice bath all together. Power trio!

Love this tank!

Absolutely love the fit and feel of this shirt.

Venga Super Sleep
Josh Ilaria
Works as intended

Has really helped with my body recovering after long days of exercise and work.

Great taste, good recovery drink

Really surprised at the flavor. Tart, but not too heavy or sweet.

CBD Energy Drink Mix
Andy Kalafatis
Good fuel for workouts

Like the product, does not affect my stomach but the taste is a bit strong and sweet for me

Love the sleep bundle

After taking the CBD gel for some time, I signed up for the sleep bundle and really love it.

Great product

Have had ongoing sleep issues, and thought I’d give them a try. After 30 days, I can say that I have had a noticeable difference in my sleep. I’m able to fall sleep easier and sleep more solid. Still have my occasional challenge of waking up due to stress or bathroom visit, but doe the most part I have had a better sleep pattern! I recommend giving them a try for a month or two!

Venga CBD T-Shirt (Discontinued)
Kenny West
Love my new Venga CBD shirt

When I was refilling my supplies we noticed the option to buy some awesome swag. Got the shirt and love
it. Thank you Venga

Venga Super Sleep
Beth Jones
Super Sleep is Super Good

Our elder son struggles with anxiety and he is high-functioning on the Autism spectrum. Prior to speaking with Jay about Super Sleep, he was just taking melatonin and would often wake up in the middle of the night, unable to go back to sleep easily. Thanks to Jay and Venga Super Sleep, he is now sleeping through the night and getting a good night’s rest.

New trick for an old dog

Being a more “experienced” runner and cyclist I have found that I don’t recover from harder efforts like I once did. Venga Ultra Gels have been a true game changer for this old dog and I am able to simply able to do more, more often.

Worth a shot

I have had trouble sleeping for years. I’ve so started marathon training so putting a lot of stress on my body. I decided to try the sleep bundle as a way to help recover from the stresses of training. The super sleep gets me to sleep fast and I feel pretty rested (more so than prior to trying it). The daily ultra gels have helped as well. I feel like there are less aches and pains and I’m taking less anti-inflammatory meds for body pain. On long run days I take an extra dose and it really helps me recover and not feel like a lead ladden zombie all day. I’d definitely recommend trying.


I’ve been suspicious of CBD products for a number of reasons but a friend recently told me about Venga sleep capsules, and I figured if they worked foe her, I’d give it a try since I’ve tried just about everything else. I’m pleasantly surprised to report that these do actually help me fall asleep a bit faster and stay asleep better. I’m definitely a subscriber now!

Venga CBD Endurance System
Sebastian Rivera
Love the system!

I’ve been using Venga for about a month now and love the entire system. I will keep using all of there products.

Everything You Need

Endurance system is a great deal and provides everything you need from training to racing support to daily maintenance. I’m a big fan!

Anxiety relief

I actually got these for my daughter to help her with her anxiety like symptoms. She gets very anxious in crowds or when she has to speak in front of others. She has said that just two of these a day have really helped her not be so anxious and to “feel normal” as she moves through her day. She noticed she wasn’t as worked up at a recent BJJ competition and felt more in control taking these before her match.

Venga Super Sleep
Christina MacDougall
Terrific product!

I feel more relaxed at night and more awake in the morning after using this product! As a busy professional and amateur triathlete, sleep is very important and quality sleep in particular. This product helps with both! Very happy customer!

Venga Super Sleep
Amy Harbord
Best sleep aid I’ve ever used

This product is exactly what I was looking for. The perfect sleep aid for me is a all order- I struggle with falling and staying asleep but due to my job need to be able to wake up on call and possibly address emergency situations. This product helps my sleep exponentially but doesn’t make me drowsy regardless of if my wake up call comes in 8 hours or 2.

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