“I am a 48-year-old runner and find that my body doesn’t always work like it used to. So, I wanted to try CBD to see if it would make a difference. I am a few weeks into this cycle and I can say that I have noticed a difference. I am not nearly as sore after a hard workout and I definitely sleep deeper and more soundly at night.” – Jeff 

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Soft t- shirt

Soft and light weight. Comfy shirt to wear to the gym

Recovery Balm
Ryan Kaelin
Great stuff

I discovered this product last year at the Mesa marathon and bought a small container. It has been amazing at helping soreness go away and alleviating pain.

it works!

I’ve tried 4-5 different brands of CBD and VengdCBD is the best by far. My quality of sleep has improved tremendously and I wake up more refreshed. I also observed improvements around my recovery time after tough training sessions.

Makes a huge difference!

I have been taking CBD at night time for a while but never for exercise before until I tried the first aid gummies recently. I have been using them for road races (10k, half-marathon) and during longer training runs and I can feel any tension melt away.

Great for recovery!

I’ve noticed great improvement in my workout recovery. Highly recommend!


Venga CBD Ultra Gels are the best for me and have helped so much with my running. I’ve tried other brands and I get the best results with Venga. My milage is up, my recovery is down and I’m a happy runner! Thanks Venga!

Recovery Bundle
Krista Scott
All the goods and savings rolled into one

This is the ideal bundle! You get a great deal on 2 amazing products that are worth their weight in gold. The balm is perfect for any aches and pains, providing lasting relief when you want to keep moving. And super sleep has been helpful getting me into the deep sleep rather than tossing and turning. If you are on the fence of products to try, I would highly recommend this bundle as an option to try 2 amazing products with all the savings.

Recovery Balm
aaron perkins
Run recovery

Great anti inflammatory properties and my go-to after runs. Best grade and quality

Ultra Sleep Bundle
Eamon O’Reilly
Game Changer

As an endurance athlete, I’ve benefited since I started taking Ultra Gels this season. I recently started pairing them with Super Sleep and it’s been a game changer. Quality sleep has eluded me for years, but now I’m confident the benefits I receive from better sleep will help me reach my fitness goals.

Recovery Balm
anastasia bigler
Recovery balm

I have been using the sane CBD for years Venga recovery balm is far the best I have used and I have tried many different flavors.

Love these gummies!!

Helped handle the aches during my first ultramarathon and kept me going strong.

Venga Super Sleep
Daniel Henry
Improves my sleep

Inadvertent experimentation has convinced me that it works – I get to sleep faster and have higher quality sleep when I take one before bed.

Ultra Gels for inflammation.

Way more effective for limiting joint inflammation than advil. Definitely need to take daily for it to really reduce but the daily program keeps me feeling loose and sleeping better.

Training Bundle
John Helms
Improved Performance and Recovery

I quit taking these for a while and really noticed the difference in performance during and recovery after races/training. Great value combo for my two favorite products from Venga. I miss the original gummy bear shape since they fit perfect in my carrier of choice but it’s still tasty and effective regardless

All products Vega CBD

This product is awesome! Love all of it!

Aid Station gummies made my trip!

Went on a surf trip to Central America and brought Aid Station Gummies on the recommendation of one of my friends on the trip. Didn’t want to be pumping myself full of Advil as it can bother my stomach and you don’t want that on vacation in Central America! Used the ultra gels daily leading up to the trip and during. I would use the Aid Station gummies after each surf session and was not getting the usual inflammation and soreness after a monster morning session. Kept me loose and strong the whole trip. I will be taking Aid Station gummies with me on all future trips.

Must have for ultras

These magical little gummies are always in my bin for ultras. I usually take them around half way through and it makes a world of difference. If the race is really long, I’ll take them right before the race as well. Awesome stuff!


I’ve been taking these Ultra Gels for 7 months, and can’t say enough good things. From my athletic and running performance improvement, to better more consistent recovery and sleep, to just being in a better mood. These are the best CBD gels on the market, and my latest shipment just got even better. Keep up the good work!

Venga Super Sleep
kendra hitchcock
Super Sleep

I think since using this my deep sleep has increased and I feel refreshed and ready to tackle the next days workouts.

Training Bundle
Erica Pence
Awesome products, and even more awesome customer service!

Within a week of starting the Ultra Gels a few months ago, I noticed improved sleep, which felt fantastic! I wanted to try the Aid Station gummies primarily for ultra running and training, and although I haven’t been using them much for running due to a bit of a hiatus, I’ve used them for yoga classes and hiking, and I notice that I don’t feel near as sore. I recently moved and forgot to change my address. After emailing Jay and then forgetting to check my email for his reply, he texted me to ask where he could ship my gels. I greatly appreciated his follow up! Awesome company with awesome products and awesome customer service!!

Aid Station to the Rescue

These gummies are a great alternative to iBprophin. Do the job an alleviate pain.

Recovery Balm
Jeff Frank
Helping this older athlete continue to train and perform

I’m a 57 year old competitive OCR athlete, but like a lot of folks aches and pains of lingering injuries combined with an intense training regimen can be hard in my body. Venga CBD balm helps me manage both my chronic pain and the daily training soreness. . Venga CBD balm has kept me training and competing this season including multiple Savage and Spartan podiums. Thanks Venga!

Ultra Gels – NanoCell CBD
Cristina Van Driel
Amazing Product! Amazing Company! So grateful!!!

As someone that has had 7 major spine surgeries due to a traumatic cycling accident I was searching for a clean product that works! I refuse to use pain killers and wanted something that would not show up in a drug test but would help with back pain, daily headaches, stress, and PTSD. I am still running competitively and currently in Nursing School. I can’t thank Venga CBD enough for their support and incredible products.

Recovery Balm
Eamon O’Reilly
It works

I was skeptical as I’ve never used a topical cream that reduced pain – but this does. It’s also lasting longer than I thought it would because it doesn’t require a lot to work.

Recovery Balm
Jill Shelley
A little works

Although helping with rheumatoid arthritis isn’t its main intended use, using very small amounts of Recovery Balm really alleviates pain in my fingers, so it’s more fun to get out and do the more athletic workouts.