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Very good

Just what I needed when I needed it.

Aid Station CBD

I am recovering from nerve damage and I purchased these to help manage the discomfort while on a extended trip to Europe. I have been impressed at how well they are helping with the discomfort and assisting me with getting a good night sleep. This is an excellent product and I recommend it.

Training Essential

On month three of this product and I am very pleased. Has helped with soreness and with managing some aches during my ultra running training. I feel it works better than other CBD products as the impacts are more consistent and significant. Reduced my used of ibuprofen which is a huge bonus.


They work awesome don’t taste as good as the other ones, but work better.

Smells sooo good!

I love this Recovery Balm. It doesn't smell medicinal, it goes on smoothly and doesn't leave your skin greasy. My favorite use is on my calves after running. I use it along with my Sidekick scraper, and my legs are always recovered. It's also great on those scrapes and scratches from the trail!

Aid Station Gummies (Vegan)
A Must for Long Adventures

I don't go on a long run without these gummies! I am usually in the mountains and these are a game changer for those long, steep climbs. They are easy to carry and easy to chew, so they are also perfect for longer races to ease any discomfort while on the run.

Helps with muscle soreness and recovery

I use the recovery balm after every long run and can tell a difference the next day. It has made a difference in my marathon training.

Does the trick

I have been taking these for a month and they seem to really help.

Excellent product

I use the Ultra Gels daily. I always take 1 first thing in the morning (and sometimes twice if I’m sore from a big workout or competition.) I never notice how beneficial the daily gels are until I forget to take them. I notice the biggest relief in my joints and overall soreness. Venga CBD is the best most efficient brand around and I love ALL their products!

First Marathon & Road to 70.3

Venga CBD has become a key essential to my training and recovery program. I use the full bundle of endurance products and strongly believe it has aided in me getting the best out of my training sessions and recovery sessions. The balm has been great for pre, post and during for any special attention areas. 10/10 would recommend these products!

Aid Station Gummies (Vegan)
Don Heller
Hunting Time

I used the gummies, during my resent trip to North Idaho Elk scouting. It was my 1st time using them, and they really helped as a pick me up on my hikes.

Aid Station Gummies (Vegan)
Runner Girl in Chapel Hill NC
Game Changer

During long ultra trail runs - training or racing, I was relying too much on ibuprofen for discomfort and soreness reduction. A friend told me about these products so I tried them with some skepticism. But they really worked - and I was able to cut down on discomfort medication substantially. These are tasty and super convenient.

After 3 months using Venga CBD I am confident saying that the product is great! I love taking every day during those intensive marathon training weeks. I feel relaxed and focused.

Recovery Balm
Deivid Valdez
it's Amazing!

I have been using the Recovery Balm for almost 3 months and I definitely love it. It helps me with recovery after those long runs. I recently has a shoulder injury and some days the pain comes and go and the balm definitely helps me feel better.

Always Grateful

So grateful for THC free products and these help me run 10-13 miles one day at a time. I suggest you give these a try and you will be amazed.


These products are High quality and the system is A+

Recovery Balm
OCR Simplified
The absolute stuff!

I cannot say enough good things about the Recovery Balm! It totally does the job well and quickly! It is easy to apply, non-greasy and does a great job of helping to reduce discomfort and swelling quickly. I use it on my arches and toes after runs or hard workouts regularly. I also had a few dry needling sessions recently that had some muscles jumping out of my body. I applied the Recovery Balm after and by the next morning all the soreness was gone.

Recoveries are improving

I have been trying out the Ultra Gells for about a month now, starting with one nightly before bed and now two. I can say that I have noticed less fatigue as I head into my workout the next morning and a little more focus then as well. I do not see any indications impacts to my sleep (positive or negative) and will continue to monitor how this goes in the coming months.


Very effective!

Ultra Gels - NanoCell CBD
anastasia bigler
Ultra gels

These are by far the best I have used

Aid Station Gummies (Vegan)
Ashley Robertson
All athletes need this!

I highly recommend adding this. It has been a game changer that I can’t believe I ever went without.

Power Powder
Brande OHare

Power Powder

Power Powder
Peggy Noid
Power Powder POW

Power Powder is the bomb! I can’t say enough about how much I like this! It gives you that “kick” that you need to start your workout. The taste is awesome and I’ve found that my workouts at a young age of 65🤣 flow much better with Power Powder. Love, love this stuff!!!!

Recovery Balm
Frank Meyer
Recovery Balm for Spartan Ultra training

In preparation for a Spartan Race Ultra I had to significantly increase the mileage on my old knees. Recovery Balm was part of my daily routine to keep my knees feeling good enough to maintaining training and recover post race.

Aid Station Gummies (Vegan)
Peter Krzanowsky
Great way to avoid the "bonk" while on the bike!

Aid Station Gummies are a great way to avoid bonking on my training rides(and hopefully during upcoming races!). I stash a few in the pocket of my riding vest and eat one when I feel my energy starting to dip. Just one gummy gets me going again and I can eat another if I feel my energy starting to lag. Their taste and texture are great as well!