“I am a 48-year-old runner and find that my body doesn’t always work like it used to. So, I wanted to try CBD to see if it would make a difference. I am a few weeks into this cycle and I can say that I have noticed a difference. I am not nearly as sore after a hard workout and I definitely sleep deeper and more soundly at night.” – Jeff 

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Power Powder
Peggy Noid
Power Powder POW

Power Powder is the bomb! I can’t say enough about how much I like this! It gives you that “kick” that you need to start your workout. The taste is awesome and I’ve found that my workouts at a young age of 65🤣 flow much better with Power Powder. Love, love this stuff!!!!

Recovery Balm
Frank Meyer
Recovery Balm for Spartan Ultra training

In preparation for a Spartan Race Ultra I had to significantly increase the mileage on my old knees. Recovery Balm was part of my daily routine to keep my knees feeling good enough to maintaining training and recover post race.

Great way to avoid the "bonk" while on the bike!

Aid Station Gummies are a great way to avoid bonking on my training rides(and hopefully during upcoming races!). I stash a few in the pocket of my riding vest and eat one when I feel my energy starting to dip. Just one gummy gets me going again and I can eat another if I feel my energy starting to lag. Their taste and texture are great as well!

Recovery Balm
Jeff Densley
CBD Recovery is the Balm!

This product claims to provide instant relief. I deal with nagging hip soreness/tendonosis after long runs. Competing in ultra running and triathlons, this makes for some pretty harsh weeks. I will have to say, within 10-30 minutes after applying this balm, I do experience relief; and for me it lasts several hours, and sometimes gets me through the next long run workout, so I don’t have to apply after every long run! I would recommend trying this product. It is somewhat expensive, but it does work!

Great Results in a small package!

Highly recommend! I’ve tried several CBD products in the past and never felt I got anything really out of them. From this brand through another ultra athlete. After several days of research and chats with the company I signed up with a subscription. Literally Great Results in a small package!
Within 2 weeks I felt the change and saw better results with sleep. Nano cell technology works apparently!

Recovery Balm
Katherine Spires
Recovery balm

I’ve been using the recovery balm during training as well as Trail ultra recovery and swear by it. I have been injury free and able to push my training to the next level. Doesn’t compare to other balms I’ve tried. Highly recommend!

Great for recovery

I take the Ultra Gels daily and 2x/day after a race. Really helpful, and I don’t need to take NSAIDs!

Training Bundle
Tate Whitlinger
Grateful for this product

I am a person in long term recovery from substance use disorder and am so grateful for the THC Free Ultra Gels. I run 10 plus miles per day and these have been amazing to keep my mind, body, and spirit ready to go one day at a time.

Best Recovery Tool

Ultra Gels keep DOMS at bay and allows me to train for ultras injury free.

Venga Super Sleep
Rubi Zuniga
Better sleep

Is the only supplement that has helped me fall asleep.

Excellent sleep aide

I’ve had trouble sleeping for a while. Super sleep, not only help me get to sleep at all so stay asleep!!

Recovery Balm
Bob Vollmann

It helped a with discomfort

Power Powder
Mac Graham
Power Powder

Good product. Great way to get an energy boost without the downside of other “energy boost” methods

Better than Ibuprofen

These gummies taste good but help me relax after a long run.

Venga Super Sleep
Bob Vollmann
Helps immensely

Venga Super Sleep definitely helps me get increased amounts of sleep.

Can tell a difference

I have been using the ultra gels for about 5 weeks now and can really tell a difference in my recovery time. I am able to do more workouts at a higher intensity that I did a month ago. I will continue using these gels.

Ultra Sleep Bundle
kendra hitchcock
Recover better

With the sleep bundle, I have been able to recover better with better sleep and start my training day off better with the training gels.


These are great fir running

Cbd run

I have used a lot if product by far the best

Training Bundle
anastasia bigler
Trading bundje

This product is awesome

Power Powder
John Helms
Great taste easy mixing

Love this product! I usually work out late and it’s just enough caffeine to not be twitchy and up all night. Tasty way to get your daily CBd

Soft t- shirt

Soft and light weight. Comfy shirt to wear to the gym

it works!

I’ve tried 4-5 different brands of CBD and VengdCBD is the best by far. My quality of sleep has improved tremendously and I wake up more refreshed. I also observed improvements around my recovery time after tough training sessions.

Makes a huge difference!

I have been taking CBD at night time for a while but never for exercise before until I tried the first aid gummies recently. I have been using them for road races (10k, half-marathon) and during longer training runs and I can feel any tension melt away.

Great for recovery!

I’ve noticed great improvement in my workout recovery. Highly recommend!