“I am a 48-year-old runner and find that my body doesn’t always work like it used to. So, I wanted to try CBD to see if it would make a difference. I am a few weeks into this cycle and I can say that I have noticed a difference. I am not nearly as sore after a hard workout and I definitely sleep deeper and more soundly at night.” – Jeff 

verified product reviews from athletes using Venga CBD

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Ultra gels

This product has helped to reduce my fibromyalgia pain and allow me to get on my treadmill daily for 4-6 miles.

Recovery Balm
Jennifer Dean
Easing symptoms

While I’m going through a difficult shoulder injury & recovery the balm does take the edge off with the bonus of moisturizing the scar

Great product!

I’ve noticed a marked improvement in my workout recovery both in effect and time since I began.

less pain = more miles

Started taking the gels and sleep aid about a month ago. I’m a skeptic but these are working. Less pain has allowed me to train more (15-20% more miles on the bike) without pain. The sleep supplement is powerful, and I don’t take it nightly, but when I feel I need it. Works like a charm.

Training Bundle

Currently training for a long uphill race. The training bundle has helped me recover much quicker then normal. Will definitely order again!

Ultra Sleep Bundle
Glenn Hawthorne
Does Work!

The VengaCBD super sleep does help sleep, the CBD is calming and relaxing for the body and mind for the melatonin to do it’s job. Unfortunately won’t be able to continue because of its cost, money doesn’t grow on trees at my house. Can’t afford $350 on it annually cause payments, utilities are top priorities before CBD.

The best sleep of my life

I have a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep. I really had mixed feeling about trying the benga super sleep since nothing really works but i was extremely surprised! I haven’t had an amazing sleep since before i was born. Completely recommend

It works!!

Tried all the products and am true beliver in CBD. Can’t describe how much better I feel using all of the products as intended. Takes my training recover to another level.

Get rid of your aspirin / ibuprofen

I take this when I have any lingering soreness, headache – etc. Venga CBD products are all amazing! Try them out.

Ultra Lifesaver

I use these on all my ultra runs and they are key to helping keep the pain manageable. I won’t run without them!


I can’t lie, I don’t do extreme sports but I run occasionally and I need to be nimble as a stay at home mom of two toddlers and this product has been a lifesaver! No weird buzz or reaction just a comfortable relief to my joint pains and muscle cramps! Love these!!!

Recovery Balm
Feels so good!

CBD balm smells like lavender and is easy to massage into my muscles! It most definitely helps my legs feel better after a hard workout.

Training Bundle
Jason Bigonia
Training for backyard ultras

I used the aid station gummies at Big Dog’s Backyard Ultra in 2021 along with the Venga energy drink. They worked a charm. I improved my best distance by more than 75 miles! I had almost no pain or stiffness up until 160 miles. I am now training for Capital Backyard Ultra in late May 2022. I am going to be using the Ultra Gels for 30 days prerace and the gummies and energy drink again during the race. We’ll see what happens in this big race, trying to improve on my 208 mile finish. I have been very happy with Venga’s CBD line.

Venga Super Sleep
Lisa Napier
Sleep is Improved

This is a supplement that you don’t realize how much it’s helping until you run out and are without it for a couple of days. My sleep quality has definitely improved since I’ve started taking this, and now I make sure that I never run out!

Ultra Gels – NanoCell CBD
Kathleen Mattes-Longo
Glad I tried…

Old athlete new to CBD. Definitely worth trying.

Genuine Help

As I’ve gotten older (56), training hard and recovery have become more and more challenging. These Venga products help me to train harder longer and to recover more quickly to be ready for what comes next. In addition, the sleep aid has helped me better regulate quality sleep on a more consistent basis. I’m thankful!

It helps me do what I love doing

The system works as, well, a system and every piece plays its role. A special shout-out though for the Recovery balm. For me, the balm makes the most obvious difference – I can push my training farther and harder and recover more quickly when I use it. Every product here seems to help, and I’m gonna keep using it!

Recovery Balm
Andrew Chapman
Works wonders

I love this product. It works wonders. Do not hesitate. If you have joint pain in knee, shoulder, hip, or lower back, give this a try. As a personal trainer I am always introducing this product to my clients. I always tell them if you buy it and dont like it, I will buy it from them. So far no one has sold me their jar. If you get sore from an active lifestyle, you need this balm in your life.

Speeds recovery

I have never used cbd and was skeptical, but after a couple of weeks of using Venga CBD, I noticed a significant difference in my recovery. Bought a second bottle which got me through my heaviest training cycle uninjured. It’s pricey, but for me definitely worth it!

Feel great

Since using all the products in this bundle the past few weeks, I feel a lot better, and recover much quicker after long runs. My sleep quality has improved tremendously. Highly recommend using Venga CBD

Taste great and easy on the stomach!

Venga Super Sleep
Alyssa Clark
The Best Sleep

The Venga Super Sleep has been such an instrumental tool in recovery! It helps me sleep well and recover from my workouts better than ever before.

Seems to have an effect

I have been taking this product for about a month. I have seen a noticeable difference in how quickly I recover from hard workouts. I’m also having significantly less pain from a tendon injury that has bothered me for years.

Loving Gummies

All I can say is that they really help inflammation and at 77 I need all the help I can get!

Delicious and effective pain relief

These are so perfect for running long distance and avoiding NSAIDS. I’ll definitely be back for more!