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Thank goodness for this

As an endurance athlete I’m always in need of a good recovery balm. I love this one for multiple reasons. The first of which is it is thick. It stays on a long time and rubs in well. The other reason I love it is because there is no menthol in it. I don’t enjoy the cooling effects of menthol or peppermint with my sensitive skin. I also don’t like smelling like a sore and injured person. This has no noticeable smell and works great.

These help me finish my 50 mile race this past weekend

Venga CBD gummies don’t only taste good but they work even better

Recovery Balm
Catherine Snodgrass

Best balm ever. Person on other end of phone very helpful

Aid Station Sample
Sarah Loch-Test
Felt great!

These gummies are tasty and easy on the stomach. I felt more relaxed on my rum after taking one

Great Flavors and Results

I have always found that with gummies, the level of "feel" that comes in terms of pain relief is a bit more subtle...however, after hours on the bike with a sore back, I notice the pain evaporates in around 10 minutes after I take 50mg. definitely something I will keep with me for long training days.

Solid sleep and improved recovery- loving the Venga Super Sleep!

I started the Venga super sleep a few weeks ago and have been falling asleep quickly and sleep solidly throughout the night. I also noticed that my body feels like fatigued even though I've been ramping up trail running recently.

Ultra Gels - NanoCell CBD
Stephane Olivier
Amazing nano gel

Once a day before getting busy on my workouts or runs
Great way to start the day
Thank you venga cbd

My go to!

I have autoimmune diseases that cause inflammation and so much discomfort. When I use these it nearly eliminates them so I can really focus on training.

Tough case for iPhone

S is a tough case, not too bulky but I feel that my phone is safe in this case. Also love the design on the back and the Stay out there! Keeps me motivated every time I look at it!

Oldie loves a Goodie

As a 79-year-old runner, I am always looking for the "edge" that keeps me moving and pain-free. The Chews are a terrific aid that I try to keep with me.

Best CBD

This is my go-to CBD supplement as an OCR/endurance athlete. Speeds recovery so I can spend more time on the trail and in the gym. I highly recommend it!

Great bundle

These 2 products are great and definitely help speed up recovery!

Aid Station Gummies (Vegan)
Amazing results

Just ran Worlds Toughest Mudder and starting taking a gummy every other lap after 12 hours into the race and felt strong for the next 12 hours, add in a few salt tabs and real food and we placed 2nd in team category!

Recovery Bundle
Patrick K
Daily Recovery Tools

I have been using the super sleep and recovery balm for 3 months now and they have become a routine. I am a running and raquetball athlete, plus full time job, so recovery is critical to stay active and healthy. I find I get better sleep and my overall soreness is decreased with these. I highly recommend giving these a shot to see if they help you as much as they have helped me!

Ultra Gels - NanoCell CBD
Damien Fuschetto

I love this CBD! It's excellent for recovery, inflammatory, and rest! Highly recommend!!

Easy to eat and taste great!

The Venga CBD chews are much easier for me to take than capsules during a race or workout. Love the flavors and zero stomach upset.

Give up the ibuprofen

Aid Station CBD chews are so much better for the body than ibuprofen. I have gut issues from over use of ibuprofen and wish this product had been around years ago when I first was injured. Make the switch.

Chews are awesome

I am amazed at how the chews help me after a workout - lessens muscle soreness.

Venga Super Sleep
Crystal Walsh
Good night's sleep, finally!

A good night’s sleep is when you fall asleep quite easily, do not wake up during the night, do not wake up too early, and feel refreshed in the morning. That happens when I take this supplement regularly. Thank you Venga!

Best CBD I’ve EVER HAD!!!

I didn’t understand what the fuss was about CBD. I’ve tried so many brands and it has done NOTHING! Afyer hearing from serval athletes how much they loved Venga so I decided to give it a try. OH MY GOSH! So amazing! I used them racing Badwater. I had the race of a lifetime!! Stop using IBUPROFEN, use VENGA! GMAE CHANGER!!

Very good

Just what I needed when I needed it.

Aid Station CBD

I am recovering from nerve damage and I purchased these to help manage the discomfort while on a extended trip to Europe. I have been impressed at how well they are helping with the discomfort and assisting me with getting a good night sleep. This is an excellent product and I recommend it.

Training Essential

On month three of this product and I am very pleased. Has helped with soreness and with managing some aches during my ultra running training. I feel it works better than other CBD products as the impacts are more consistent and significant. Reduced my used of ibuprofen which is a huge bonus.


They work awesome don’t taste as good as the other ones, but work better.

Smells sooo good!

I love this Recovery Balm. It doesn't smell medicinal, it goes on smoothly and doesn't leave your skin greasy. My favorite use is on my calves after running. I use it along with my Sidekick scraper, and my legs are always recovered. It's also great on those scrapes and scratches from the trail!