“I am a 48-year-old runner and find that my body doesn’t always work like it used to. So, I wanted to try CBD to see if it would make a difference. I am a few weeks into this cycle and I can say that I have noticed a difference. I am not nearly as sore after a hard workout and I definitely sleep deeper and more soundly at night.” – Jeff 

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CBD Energy Drink Mix
Noel Aguilar
Great alternative to coffee

I was looking for a replacement for coffee on race day! I tend to get dehydrated as the race goes on and cramp up. Well, this did the trick! Not only did it replace the coffee but stopped the cramping and much much less soreness!

Improves endurance recovery and anxiety

I decided to try Venga after hearing about it on the 99% Podcast. My wife had tried a competitor CBD product just recently to help with a joint replacement surgery with some success, and I was drawn to Venga over the claims of bioavailability and improvements in mental anxiety. After 2 weeks of using Ultra Gels daily, I have noticed marked improvement in mental anxiety, and I’ve seen improvements in bouncing back from harder workouts. Honestly the only thing keeping it from 5 stars is the slightly higher prices than other reputable Colorado CBD products companies. It remains to be seen if Venga is “better” enough to justify that, but I’ll keep trying!.

Love them!!!

I don’t only uses the gummies during races. I have multiple long runs during the week and they work great! I have experienced the more relief than I get with over the counter meds amd no side effects!!!!

Recovery is faster

After long training sessions I take 2 and I do think it helps with recovery.

Ultra Gels – DAILY CBD OIL
Alejandro Cristiani
Better sleep

I have been taking Venga Ultra Gels for 5 days, one capsule before going to bed, and I have been sleeping better without a doubt. No waking up in the middle of the night and less tossing and turning. Haven’t noticed a difference in recovery from IM 70.3 triathlon training but hope to see a difference in the upcoming weeks.

Love venga

Have really been impressed with Venga CBD. I can really see a difference in my recovery and even feel like the gummies help a lot during long training session. Would definitely recommend

CBD Energy Drink Mix
Sebastian Rivera
Amazing Product!!!

I am an avid runner, and this past month I’ve gotten serious about trail running in some of the foothills in So-Cal. I drink this product about 15 minutes before my 10+ milers and it absolutely makes a difference. I feel more alert and also have less joint pain after intense trail running sessions. Venga has got me hooked!

Great taste great energy

The flavor is great, it gives me that little boost of energy I need to power through a race, work day or workout with a little CBD to ease aches and pains. I will definitely be adding this to my next order again.

Energy Drink

I recently used these energy drink packets during my 80 mile hike on the western side of the Collegiate Loop. Loved the taste and added boost it gave me during the long hikes each day. I would add them each day to my water after lunch and helped me get through the hardest part of the day.

Recovery Balm
Pete DeBruin
Works immediately

I can put this on before I go workout and be good to go right away. I love it.

CBD Energy Drink Mix
joseph dazzo
It works!

I used this energy drink about 20 miles into a 30mile long training session. It definitely gave me a noticeable pick me up and I will be testing the use of two next time @ 15 then 25.
I plan on

Aid Station Gummies (Vegan)

Venga Super Sleep
michele snyder
Super Sleep

Slept thru the night-I was a little sluggish during the day – hard to get going in the maybe take it earlier in the night before bed night right at bed time.

Some great products, some ok products

Absolutely love the aid station gummies and the daily ultra gels. The recovery balm is so-so for me. My boyfriend swears by it but I don’t really notice a difference when using it. I’m not a fan of the energy drink and could leave that one out all together honestly. I would love the ability to build a custom bundle and double up on the aid station gummies and leave out the products that I don’t find work that well for me. Overall, it’s a great quality and I’m subscribing monthly as I definitely see a difference in performance.

CBD Energy Drink Mix
steve switek
This stuff is LEGIT!

Used this on a back to back 16mil hikes through the Adirondacks. All the CBD benefits with the addition of LOTS of energy and great taste

Ultra Sleep Bundle
Margie Kobow
Venga CBD Super Sleep

Helping my overall quality sleep is imperative for proper recovery for all the training and activities I put my body through. Super sleep is helping my overall quality of sleep improve, but most of all it has taken away most of my joint pain.

The Go To Gummie

I’ve incorporated Aid Station Gummies into my nutrition regiment for my last 2 longer Obstacle Course Races – Spartan Ohio Beast and this past weekend’s Indian Mud Run. Took a gummie or two about every 40 minutes along with a few standard gummies. Worked like a charm – no digestive issues, kept me fueled and feeling strong. Managed a second place age-group finish at the Beast and a 4th at the IMR. I’ll be ordering more!

Tastes good

Definitely has a good taste

Settles my tummy & mind

I have a sensitive tummy which can affect my sleep and CBD on those nights seems to do the trick for me!

Good clean energy

This supplement provides me good, clean, sustained energy with no jitters and especially no crash. I’m usually skeptical about energy supplements but even at the height of my endurance training, I still feel something that keeps me pushing. It’s hard to put into words but you’d have to try it. Expensive but it works!

CBD Energy Drink Mix
Lily Brezler

My back was a so happy after 2 months

Ultra Sleep Bundle
Joseph Castellano
CBC sleep bundle

Amazing after a month quicker recovery better sleep just amazing

Recovery Balm
Cheri Towell
Very nice balm

Does what it says, moisturizing, not sticky. Does look like paste, but smooths out, nice smell

Reduced Pain

I started taking these on a recommendation from a friend who said his wife had noticed a significant reduction in her chronic pain. My knees, hips, and lower back have hurt for a long time and after taking this for a few weeks I am getting some relief. What’s more impressive is that during these weeks I significantly stepped up my activity and generally would’ve expected to be in an ice bath all day to have any shot at pain relief or a shot at a good nights sleep.

Venga Super Sleep
Mark Patrick
Very Helpful

I’ve had better benefits from the Venga Super Sleep product than I have with their regular CBD capsules. I have experienced reduced time in falling asleep and a deeper sleep once I have gone in to a solid sleep cycle. I have struggled like many folks these days with getting to sleep and staying asleep. I can recommend Venga Super Sleep product and suggest to people to give it a try.


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