“I am a 48-year-old runner and find that my body doesn’t always work like it used to. So, I wanted to try CBD to see if it would make a difference. I am a few weeks into this cycle and I can say that I have noticed a difference. I am not nearly as sore after a hard workout and I definitely sleep deeper and more soundly at night.” – Jeff 

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Have not used

Just opened the jar.

Best energy drink eva

Kicks my morning coffee’s butt , tastes great, and has CBD. Best combo. For combating thirst and getting your CBD fix!

I’m hooked . . .

I ordered the bundle and have been experimenting with all of the products before/during/after my longer trail runs/races of four-plus hours. Am definitely noticing a difference in terms of lessening of pain/discomfort during the latter miles. Really like the convenience of the gummies and appreciate the fact that the balm does not have an overwhelming scent. The only reason I did not give five stars is b/c the energy drink contains artificial flavoring and sweeteners.

It’s changed my training

I can run daily for the first time in over 5 years!!!


So I’m 40yrs old, a year ago I decided to get back into shape and began running,that running became a obsession to compete In a Ultra Marathon and Spartan race. I kept hitting a point where my body just wouldn’t recover enough to push my training, then I heard of Venga. My muscle soreness, recovery time and overall endurance have been phenomenal since using this product, this 8s no lie,no gimmick and no sale. It is the raw truth. Nothing has helped me in the way Venga CBD has,it’s a must for anyone trying to push their limits.

Go Harder with Hydration and Energy!

This is an amazing product. I’ve been using the energy drink mix on long hard runs and most recently at the Mt Charleston Revel Limited Race in November 2020. The downhill bounding over 4000 feet drop killed my quads but I’m almost 100% sure that it would have been worse without the energy drink. The added caffeine helped give me an extra boost that helped me push through to the end. Highly recommend this guy.

Excellent Product

I’ve been very pleased with the product; I sleep better every night and I my recovery from running is so much better.

Not Enough

Enjoy the product and its taste. Would like the opportunity to be able to purchase a larger quantity in one container.


This product replaced Ibuprofen for me on the mountain!

Absolute game-changer

Use for any and all aches and pains. I use almost daily. The only CBD balm that actually works.

Great product

Better than any other brand I’ve had.
I got the sample pack and love everything. I can actually feel a difference.
The gels help me sleep and recover

The real deal

Definitely working for me

Great pick me up while running

The gummies are great tasting and definitely provide a nice pain relief/pick me up during longer runs. When combined with a solid Ultra Gels regime there is a noticeable positive impact when working out hard. Definitely recommend.

it really works – really

as an ageing runner one begrudgingly accepts living with more aches and pain. The pain in my right thigh has put me regularly out of training and even races. Painkillers are definitely not the answer, so I thought I give Venga’s Recovery Balm a shot. I difference in pain levels was immediately recognizable! My hopes are high that running in pain will diminish. Venga Recovery Balm is part of my recovery regimen now.

Amazing energy!

I love the Ultra gels! I feel more energized and my workouts are easier with less aches and pains.

Awesome product

Highly recommend this as a sustainable-use energy drink. Whether I’m working long hours at my computer or training for a PB time.

I tried the gummies around 7 miles into a 17-mile trail run. My hamstrings were acting up, which added a layer of difficulty to an already challenging run. I wasn’t sure what to expect and didn’t actually give it another thought until around mile 12, when I suddenly realized that the pain was gone and my pace had picked up. Finally… something that might actually help on long runs!

Ointment will keep me running until I am 100+ years old.

I am an 83 year old runner who has never had any joint problems, primarily because of your ointment. Don Hillebrandt


I have not been taking the bundle a month yet, seems to be working..

Great recovery aid

I am training to run another 50 mile mountain race, this time on my 50th birthday in May, so I tried out the complete endurance bundle. I believe overall it is a good value to get the whole bundle.
Gel caps- I definitely get a better night’s sleep when I take these and find that I don’t need to get up and go to the bathroom which is a nice bonus. I have been using them a few weeks and my energy level is way higher because of my improved sleep.
CBD Balm- I really love this stuff. I’ve had a few niggles as I am ramping up my mileage but this stuff really seems to help with inflammation management and quicker recovery.
CBD energy drink- I finally tried this yesterday on a 3+hour effort. It is a bit sweet to my liking but it definitely delivered the promised energy boost. Also I was not sore at all this morning so the CBD maybe helped out there.
CBD Gummies- These are easy to chew and digest on the run for those really long efforts that may require anti inflammatories.

Best Balm in the Biz!

I am 50. I get aches and pains when I hike, bike, and workout. This balm has been the BOMB and has really helped me with sore joints and muscles. Specifically, my neck gets super tight after a ride and I feel much better the next day when I apply the balm after a shower and before bed. Same is true with my calves after a hike. I am now putting it on pre-emptively and noticing the aches and pains are not as bad after hard workouts. The consistency is similar to tiger balm, without the burn – but it feels like it stays and works itself in. Highly recommend.

Recovery Balm

Very good product. I used it before training with my soccer ball. I have a knee cartilage problem inside my knee and this helps get rid of most of the pain. It does not make it go away completely. Still, I feel the difference in reduced pain when I use and don’t before practice.

I would highly recommend it to anyone who has an active lifestyle.

Great for OCR training

I absolutely love the CBD gummies since I began using them I’ve notice a major increase in my recovery after workouts and all my aches and pain went away allowing me to exert myself more during workouts.

Aid Station Gummies really work

I find the biggest item that stops training at the level I want is muscle soreness. I usually take out a couple of Venga’s gummies during a long training sessions and usually take them when I’m close to the point that the muscle fatigue is starting to creep in I take one. Usually about 10- 20 minutes later i feel the easing of the pain and proceed to complete the workout based on my goal rather than been inhibited by my body complaining. I also used them in races and have one about 30 minutes prior to an event. They are so easy to carry in a pocket and they really work!!

Fast and effective for those trouble spots

I’ve been using it on some joint injury areas. Such as knee and heel. It does a fantastic job at knocking the little aches down. I feel it absorbs really fast and due to its potency strength last well into the day.


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