CBN Cannabinoid Benefits

What is CBN?

CBN cannabinoid benefits are wide-ranging and have only recently been discovered and studied by scientists. The cannabis Sativa plant produces over 100 cannabinoids – that we know of. The 2 most well-known are THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol.) But there is an up-and-coming cousin to these 2 compounds that have been found to have promising therapeutic benefits, particularly when it comes to sleep. It’s called CBN, or cannabinol. 

Interestingly, CBN is actually derived from THC. As a cannabis plant ages, or when it is heated or exposed to oxygen, the THC converts to CBN. CBN can also be made from THC that has been extracted from cannabis. 


Will CBN Get Me High?

Does that mean CBN is psychoactive? Well, no, not necessarily. Some research indicates CBN is not psychoactive at all, while other research indicates it may be mildly psychoactive. However, when taken with THC, CBN intensifies the psychoactive effects of THC. For this reason, it is imperative that you avoid products with even trace amounts of THC if you’re at all concerned about this potential side effect. 

While the jury is still out on just how much or little CBN induces a psychoactive effect, what is agreed upon is that CBN does produce a mild sedative effect, which is why one of its touted benefits is as a sleep aid. 

CBN Benefits


How Does CBN Work?

Like other cannabinoids, CBN works with your body’s endocannabinoid system or ECS. Your ECS is responsible for keeping a number of important systems and functions in your body balanced. When something is out of balance, your body can use phytocannabinoids (like CBD and CBN,) to help promote and restore your body’s natural endocannabinoids, bringing everything back to homeostasis.  


What Does CBN Do?

Chemically similar to CBD, CBN has several of the same effects on the body. Studies are still limited, but preliminary CBN research supports extraordinary potential benefits including improving sleep, supporting a healthy appetite, and supporting healthy bones, joints, and muscles. 


What are the Differences Between CBN and CBD?

CBD has been researched far more than CBN. Effects of CBD and CBN are similar, though CBD is FDA-approved for certain uses, where CBN is not yet. 

Venga Super Sleep

As with other cannabinoids, CBN is most effective when it is paired with other cannabinoids and terpenes found in the cannabis plant. Because of this, we’ve blended CBN with our water-soluble, broad-spectrum CBD and melatonin to create Venga Super Sleep, a nightly gel cap to help support your sleep.

CBD Sleep Blend

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