How Much CBD Athletes Should Be Using for Training, Racing, and Recovery

When starting a CBD regimen, many athletes wonder, “how much CBD should I be using?”

The answer is – it depends. There are many reasons to start using CBD, and your reason for using it will help guide how much you should be using. However, each person’s body responds in a unique way to CBD, and finding the exact right amount may take some experimentation.

Athlete Relaxing By Water

If you’re using CBD for general wellness: 25mg/CBD taken orally, daily

CBD has been shown to support an increased feeling of wellness in people that use it daily. By using consistent amounts of CBD daily, you will help your body maintain balance. This balance contributes to your feeling of overall wellness. Some people may feel more focused or calm, while other people may notice they are sleeping better.

We recommend taking 25mg of CBD daily at a minimum for general wellness. Some people may prefer to increase their dose to 50mg daily if they have a lot of daily stress, or find that increasing the amount gives them even greater benefit.

If you’re using CBD to recover from hard workouts more quickly: 50-75mg/CBD taken orally, daily.

For athletes that have big training days on their calendars, adjusting your daily amount based on how tired you are will work wonders in speeding up your recovery.

Athletes that wear monitoring devices like the Whoop wrist strap and Oura ring report a significant improvement in recovery scores when they have taken CBD to recover from a tough workout or race.

Adjusting your daily CBD dose is as simple as evaluating your upcoming workouts and your current level of fatigue.

CBD for Runners

If you’re using CBD to recover from an injury: 50-100mg/CBD taken orally, daily.

Recovering from an injury puts a lot of stress on your body. Increasing your daily CBD dose during times of recovery can help your body regain balance more quickly, and without the need for using heavy prescription painkillers or OTC pain relief products.

We recommend increasing your daily dose of CBD, up to 4x your normal daily dose until you feel relief. In studies, CBD has been shown to be safe in amounts of up to 1,500mg. At 4x your typical daily dose, you are not even close to reaching this limit.

Maintaining a higher daily dose throughout recovery is important. As you start to feel better, you can slowly adjust back down to your typical amount.

CBD for racing

If you’re using CBD to stave off aches and pains during a race: 25-50mg/CBD taken orally, every 2-3 hours PLUS application of topical CBD as-needed.

Taking CBD during long events is a great way to feel better throughout the day without turning to ibuprofen. You can take CBD before a long event for preventative measures, and then take 25-50mg every 2-3 hours for best results.

We made our CBD gummies and CBD energy drink specifically to support easy CBD use during events.

Applying a topical CBD balm can also be incredibly helpful for immediate relief.

Carrying a small jar in your pack or in a drop bag is an easy insurance policy against aches and niggles that can slow you down. Don’t be afraid to apply liberally to areas of concern and rub them in well to get the maximum benefit.

If you are currently taking prescription medications: Consult your doctor.

CBD is very safe to use, but we do encourage you to consult with your doctor if you are taking medications to treat acute or chronic diseases.

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