5 mistakes Triathletes
make when taking CBD

Avoid these mistakes and get 1000% more performance from your CBD!

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"CBD is great for fighting inflammation, that’s what I’ve noticed. And since I’m going to be turning 50 soon, I’m definitely getting more aches and pains than I used to get when I was younger. The great thing about Venga CBD is that I’m getting five times more CBD in my body than with others I’ve tried."
- Heather Gollnick
5X Ironman Champion, Pro Spartan Athlete

This free guide will help you get more performance from your CBD

Why You Need This Guide

CBD is a MUST-HAVE for triathletes but with so many choices it can be confusing! 

We talk to athletes every day and keep hearing the same mistakes they are making with CBD so we made this guide to help you find out how to get 1000% more performance from your CBD!

You’ll Learn:

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Venga 2021 Wall Training Calendar

Having the ability to quickly plan the months ahead with sticky notes, knowing you have all the information needed to make good decisions is key to successful training. We designed a white large wall calendar to do justice. Using it for years it’s become an indispensable tool to help stay on track throughout the year.

What are you waiting for?

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5 Mistakes Athletes Make When Taking CBD

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2021 Athlete’s Training Calendar

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5 mistakes triathletes
make when taking CBD

Avoid these mistakes and get 1000% more performance from your CBD!

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