Amelia Boone

Amelia Boone

4x OCR World Champion, Ultra Runner, Queen of Pain

“Venga is  the most effective CBD I’ve ever used, and it’s super simple to add to my training, racing, and recovery.”

Train Longer, Race Harder, Recover Faster

Our PCR Hemp CBD products can give you an edge and help you perform your best. 

  • Works naturally with your body
  • Targets discomfort
  • Stay focused, calm and moving forward
  • Supports sleep so your body can heal and recharge

5 StarsRated 5-Stars by Professional Athletes


With a full-time job, I need every bit of my training to count. Venga Ultra Gels keep me bombing down the trails, productive after workouts and ready to hit it day after day after day.

For endurance athletes to support your training. Take daily and watch your performance soar!

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Ultra Gels


The only thing better than pop-tarts at mile 30 are these gummies!
Tastes great, fights discomfort when I’m on the trail.

During a long training session or a grueling race, at the point when your body is screaming for relief and telling you to slow down or give up, that’s when you reach for Venga CBD!  Your secret weapon for prolonged endurance.

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AMELIA20 to save 20%

Venga CBD Racing


Venga Super Sleep might just be better than pop-tarts! (ha ha - jk) This combination with CBN just WORKS for me. Finally, getting sound sleep ALL night and feeling terrific at 5AM!

After a difficult workout or that training block you felt would never end, it’s time to recover.

The nation’s top athletes know the importance of letting your body heal after hard efforts as a way to more effectively build your endurance.

Use coupon code
AMELIA20 to save 20%!

Venga CBD Recover

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