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Karl Meltzer Speedgoat

Winningest 100-Mile Runner on Earth
Record Holder - Most 100-Mile Wins in a Single Year

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Engineered for Endurance

Our PCR Hemp CBD products can give you an edge and help you perform your best. 

  • Targets pain throughout your body
  • Targets inflammation that causes pain, stiffness and immobility
  • Lowers stress and anxiety to help keep you focused, calm and moving forward
  • Enhances sleep so your body can heal and recharge
  • Speeds recovery from injury and muscle soreness

Speedgoat  APPROVED

Karl Meltzer Speedgoat

"Venga CBD oil and CBD gummies have helped my performance thru masking pain and aiding in recovery. I'm recovering even faster than I ever have. At age 52, I need a little help. I found it."

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