OCR Underground Explores Venga CBD

OCR UndergroundTalking obstacle course race training with Mike Diebler. As a former All-American collegiate athlete, Mike of OCR Underground knows what it means to push your body to the limits. But times have changed.

We know the consequences of just pushing yourself for the sake of sweating and being sore. Your goal should not be to get a good workout. Your goal is to see the benefits from your training reflect on the course. Better placing, more fun, less injuries, and the satisfaction that you are helping your body move better in the long term.

This is what we strive for. It should be every persons goal to learn how to move better so they can race more effectively and fuel their training and competitions to help their body perform at its best. It is time to stop just working out and start training with a systematized approach that has been proven to work.


The OCR Underground Show provides you with everything you need to maximize your training for your best race. In this episode I share some great insight on how you can have a smarter training plan.

As Mike says, “I originally interviewed their CEO Jay O’hare. After chatting with him about the benefits of CBD and how it can help the endurance athlete specifically, I decided to give it a try. I was incredibly impressed with their products and I am excited to have them as a guest of the show.”

In this episodes interview I chat with Jay and gives a great summary of what CBD is and how it may benefit you in your endurance performance.

In the Inside Mike’s Mind segment of the show, I explain the truth about cramping during a race. Is it as simple as dehydration or electrolyte loss? Most likely not. Tune in to see how you can stop cramping before they start.

We have a great race recap with Jordan Boyd from Australia. He gives us a great recap of the 24-hour OCR Enduro Championships.

In my research review, I discuss why you need to disperse your training intensity and the value of low intensity training.

Give this a listen when you’re ready to up your game.

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