5 Mistakes
Make with CBD

Avoid these mistakes to get the full benefit of CBD

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5-Mistakes Athletes Make with CBD

Get 1000% more out of your CBD with this guide

We wrote this guide to help educate runners about the dangers of ibuprofen and the benefits of CBD.

Why You Need This Guide

CBD is a MUST-HAVE for endurance athletes but many athletes miss all the benefits!

We talk to athletes every day and keep hearing the same mistakes they’re making with CBD so we made this guide to help you avoid these mistakes.

You’ll Learn:

  • The #1 mistakes athletes make when taking CBD
  • How much CBD your body actually absorbs
  • Which CBD products to use to reach your goals
  • How CBD can skyrocket your recovery

Whether you’re an experienced CBD user or just want to get started, this guide is packed with information to help you make the most informed decisions about CBD. 58 pages written for athletes, this is an unbiased overview of CBD, how it works and how it can help you.

What actually happens when you take CBD?

We break it down into info you can understand and you’ll learn WHY this is such a terrific solution for runners.

This Guide is so helpful!

Andrea M - Runner

"Wow, I had tried CBD before and thought that it just didn't work. Turns out that I wasn't using it at the right! Now I know it works."


Don't make the critical mistakes that so many others have made

Read this FREE GUIDE and you’ll never waste another milligram of CBD.

Our mission at Venga CBD is to take the confusion
out of CBD for athletes and educate them on how
to maximize CBD’s ability to aid in recovery, injury
prevention and improved performance.


Endurance for Life ™

Our mission is to help you stay healthy, pain & injury-free so you can enjoy the sport you love for life.

Every Venga CBD product is specifically made to support an area of your endurance life.

We’re 100% dedicated to developing the best products for endurance athletes. We make it easy for you to know exactly how much CBD to take, when to take it and how it’s going to help your performance improve.

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