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Product Sample Request

Before we can send you our products, there are a few things we’ll need.





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Venga CBD System

Before you request samples, please read the following expectations:

  1. Free product is meant to be used for publishing a product review. If you are to receive free product from us, we expect that you will post a review to either your website (blog) and/or social media. Proof of your published review is required (i.e. link to the review or tagged in social media).
  2. Sample product is for your use only. Product is not meant to be used for giveaways, promotions or resale.
  3. We have minimum thresholds (i.e. audience size) that publishers need to meet in order to qualify for free product. While we sometimes make exceptions, our thresholds generally need to be met before you qualify for free product.

Ok… now that you know what is required, let’s go.

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  • Blog / Content Publishers

  • We generally only work with sites that have 3,000+ unique visitors/mo
  • Social Media Publishers

  • We generally work with Instagram publishers with 5,000+ followers
  • Video Publishers

  • We generally work with YouTube publishers with 1,000+ subscribers
  • Contact Information

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