Aid Station Gummies (Vegan)

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Our Vegan, THC-Free, CBD Gummies are packed with incredible benefits and taste delicious!

25mg CBD Isolate per gummy, 750mg CBD total

Race Harder

When You Need It Most, Hit the Aid Station

Fight pain and inflammation with a boost of CBD when you’re on the go.

Money Back Guarantee

Love it or your money back!

What It’s For

> Boost of pain-fighting CBD on the go

During a long training session or a grueling race, at the point when your body is screaming for relief and telling you slow down or give up, that’s when you reach for your Aid Station Gummies. Your secret weapon for prolonged endurance.

With these on-the-go Aid Station Gummies, you’ll keep the pain at bay with 25mg of pain-targeting, inflammation-reducing, THC-free CBD. They’re tasty, vegan, perfect in packs or pockets and provide a boost of CBD when you need it most.

Perfect for athletes looking to perform their best and keep pain at bay. Experience the confidence that comes with:

  • Reduced inflammation that causes pain, stiffness & immobility
  • Less pain during long training sessions & competition
  • All-natural alternative to drugs like ibuprofen

How To Use Aid Station Gummies

> Start ahead, stay ahead

Designed to take on-the-go while training or racing, you eat 1-2 Gummies every 2-3 hours as needed. We recommend taking them proactively to stay ahead of pain and inflammation.

These 25mg CBD gummies work best as a much-needed boost of CBD when taken in conjunction with a daily dose of Venga Ultra Gels.

Ultra Gels or Gummies?

We recommend athletes use both.
These products are designed to compliment each other as part of the Venga CBD system. 

Ultra Gels: Maximum amount of medical grade CBD in your system and taken daily. 
Aid Station Gummies: Pain relieving boost of CBD on the go

Why Venga CBD Gummies

> Engineered for Endurance

All-Natural Pain-Relief
The 25mg CBD isolate Gummies work as a natural anti-inflammatory, similar to ibuprofen but without the harmful side effects.

Packable, Portable and Durable
Easy to bring on your next adventure, they go where you go. Field tested by professional athletes for maximum durability.

They Taste Great
These vegan, THC-Free Gummies are jam-packed with a citrus flavor that’s easy on the stomach. Made with tapioca syrup, turbinado sugar, and natural coloring to provide you the tastiest CBD Gummies available!

Made For Athletes
Knowing how nagging pain can diminish an athlete’s performance, along with the harm that comes from taking OTC drugs like ibuprofen, we engineered an on-the-go performance booster that acts quickly to reduce pain and inflammation.

Why Athletes Love Our Gummies!

> Keep your groove when you’re on the move

They Work!

“I love these gummies! They WORK!!!”

Heather / Pro OCR Racer

Replacement for Ibuprofen

“I use them on my longer runs of 10+ miles, sometimes in the evenings to help relax and as a replacement for ibuprofen. They taste amazing and easily digest on my runs.”

Brad / Trail Runner

Always with Me on a Run

“Love these! Great taste and dissolve quickly! Always with me on a run!”

Kirsten / Runner

My Favorite!

“The gummies are hands down my favorites! They deliver 25 milligrams of CBD in each bite. Almost like a reward for addressing issues like training inflammation!”

Richard D / Endurance Coach

An Extra Boost After a Hard Race

“I love all your products, the Gummies especially for an extra boost after a hard race!”

Miranda / OCR Athlete

Perfect Amount of CBD

“Gummies are convenient with a perfect amount of CBD for my workouts.”

Janet / OCR Athlete

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