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Ultra Gels & Super Sleep Combo

Get the most from your training and get the best sleep of your life!
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  • Skyrocket your training & recovery with Ultra Gels for daily CBD
  • Get the critical sleep you need with our CBN + Melatonin + CBD Super Sleep formula
Venga CBD

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Venga CBD for Your Training and Sleep for an Incredible Price!

Get the best CBD for training along with the best all-natural sleep formula powered by hemp.

Venga CBD Ultra Gels

Ultra Gels

Maximum CBD in Your Bloodstream from an Oral Supplement
Venga Ultra Gels are formulated as a daily CBD supplement to support your body. Our Water Soluble technology gives you a competitive advantage by delivering 500% more  CBD into your bloodstream over typical CBD products along with these additional benefits:

Most Effective CBD
With up to 10x more cannabinoids than typical industrial hemp, more elements are available to aid the recovery and support processes.

venga Super Sleep

Super Sleep

Fall Asleep, Stay Asleep!
Our Super Sleep CBN Softgels + Melatonin + CBD are specially formulated to support a better night’s sleep.

These water-soluble capsules are produced with nanoemulsion technology, making them more easily absorbed by the body.

What’s In It? 
Each soft gel contains 3mg of CBN, 3mg of melatonin, and 25mg of CBD. These softgels come 30 per bottle.

What Athletes Like You Say About Venga CBD

CBD Products Engineered for Endurance

Customer Reviews

Based on 120 reviews
joseph dazzo
Recovery is faster

After long training sessions I take 2 and I do think it helps with recovery.

Alejandro Cristiani
Better sleep

I have been taking Venga Ultra Gels for 5 days, one capsule before going to bed, and I have been sleeping better without a doubt. No waking up in the middle of the night and less tossing and turning. Haven't noticed a difference in recovery from IM 70.3 triathlon training but hope to see a difference in the upcoming weeks.

Theresa Pitman
Settles my tummy & mind

I have a sensitive tummy which can affect my sleep and CBD on those nights seems to do the trick for me!

Pete DeBruin
Reduced Pain

I started taking these on a recommendation from a friend who said his wife had noticed a significant reduction in her chronic pain. My knees, hips, and lower back have hurt for a long time and after taking this for a few weeks I am getting some relief. What's more impressive is that during these weeks I significantly stepped up my activity and generally would've expected to be in an ice bath all day to have any shot at pain relief or a shot at a good nights sleep.

Daniel Smilkstein
Been using for 2 years

I'm a science guy, a doctor, so rarely review any supplement since reviews are not science. I'm also a 70+ year old high volume athlete who rides a lot, races, ice and rock climbs at a reasonably high level, skis, etc.. I also ran competitively for 45 years so I should be an arthritic mess.
I started Vanga about 2 years ago after hearing anecdotes from patients who are doing well. CBDs are the only supplement I take regularly. I feel like when I take them regularly and appropriately I recover more quickly and have a lower level of general discomfort (no such thing as none). Lower discomfort makes training and life more enjoyable and combined with faster recovery makes this supplement essentially a permanent enhancer.
I did stop taking CBDs a couple of times and felt significantly more aches and pains so I started again. No down side other than expense.

Lily Brezler
Life saving cbd gels

I have been using these for about 2 months now but I noticed the effects 2 weeks in. My overall aches and pains were diminished and I no longer see my chiropractor! I’m a happy camper

Lisa Roberts
A daily MUST!

Been taking at least one a day, sometimes 2 if training is really ramped up and my ability to recover and perform day after day is SO much better!

Rob Pettyjohn
Awesome Stuff

I’ve used the gel caps everyday for over a year. Definitely help me recover. Love em!

Mark Patrick
Hoping For More?

I've tried a number of other CBD brands and it seems to be that all are filled with hope and possibly hype about the benefits of using CBD products. As an aging athlete who is active and cycling long hours and miles I search for aiding my recovery post training and events. I do feel that I have received some positive benefits with the use of Venga CBD. However I don't find it to be a miracle additive as some reviewers state. I'm just being straightforward in this review. I will order another bottle to see if repeated usage for two months may increase the effective benefits of CBD. Other CBD products I've used have been tinctures and not digested through the digestive tract like the Venga brand. Customer service and shipping has been superb and informative material they have provided.

Bye bye aleve

I was using Aleve daily to soothe my running aches and pains when I learned about this product. I absolutely love that I’m not putting chemicals into my body and getting anti inflammatory relief.

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