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Get 5 times the amount of CBD in your bloodstream over typical CBD products.

Venga Water-Soluble CBD is Made for Endurance Athletes

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Whatever your sport, you ask your body to do more and perform at a higher level than 99% of the people on the planet! And it pays because endurance athletes are some of the healthiest people in the world.

As we age it gets harder to bounce back, maintain the miles, hours & laps. CBD (cannabidiol) is an all-natural remedy that targets your pain, inflammation and so much more.

Our Endurance CBD™ products are made to help your body do the endurance sport you love for the rest of your life.

The #1 THC-Free CBD for Athletes

  • Alleviates pain during long training sessions & competition.
  • Speeds recovery so you can get back out there day, after day.
  • Enhances sleep so your body can heal and recharge.

    Fights inflammation so you can train more consistently.

  • Reduces stress and anxiety to help keep you focused, calm and moving forward.

CBD Products Engineered for Endurance

For every area of your endurance life there’s a Venga CBD solution made for endurance athletes.


Venga CBD Ultra Gels are for endurance athletes battling inflammation, pain & slow recovery. Take daily and watch your performance soar!


Aid Station CBD gummies and Venga CBD Energy Drink help you while on long workouts and races. Keep pain and inflammation at bay with these powerful, tasty, CBD solutions. 


Recovery Balm is your go-to solution for enhanced recovery and quick topical relief. Super concentrated for athletic recovery.

Pro Athletes Love Venga CBD

Introducing the Venga Pro Ambassador Team

Pro Spartan Racer

Ashley Heller

My Go-To
"After taking Venga I have noticed a difference in my ability to recover both physically and mentally. It has helped me to sleep better at night making more restorative rest which in turn has alleviated a lot of those anxiety symptoms."

Ultra Runner

Karl Meltzer

"This stuff works!"


Lacey Henderson

Best Out There for Athletes
"I always thought a lot of my post workout aches and pains could only be solved by treatment but Venga really supplies you with the proper tools to sustain a great workout AND recover really well daily."

Pro Cyclist

Anne Donley

Venga, Venga!
Venga CBD has become a key component of my training and racing! I love the quality of information about this CBD product, and the nano emulsion process. It’s easy to digest, absorbs better and I can keep track of how much CBD I’m taking. I feel more rested and relaxed!

Ultra Runner

Devon Olson

Venga is Key!
Venga has been a key component to my recovery after hard blocks of training. The ultra gels help with inflammation and easing the soreness associated with training. Venga makes getting up and doing it all again, much more manageable. It is also a much healthier alternative to things like ibuprofen.

Pro Spartan Racer

Heather Gollnick

Max Bioavailability!
"Venga CBD is great for fighting inflammation, that’s what I’ve noticed. And since I’m going to be turning 50 soon, I’m definitely getting more aches and pains than I used to get when I was younger. And with Venga, I’m getting five times more CBD in my body!"

Ultra Runner

Penelope Freedman

I honestly wasn't into using CBD products before I started using Venga products. After experiencing shortened recovery time & overall immediate improvement in sore, stiff muscles I'm a huge fan.

Pro Spartan Racer

VeeJay Jones

Immediate Results
"The results from the Recovery Balm were impressive to say the least. There is a noticeable reduction in pain & inflammation. Full recovery was far faster than expected."

Why Venga CBD

Water Soluble

Stop wasting money! With Venga, you get 5x more in your bloodstream than typical CBD products.


You get additional inflammation fighting power with curcumin from the turmeric root.

Super Concentrated

Formulated for athletes, all our products contain much higher concentrations than other products on the market.

THC Free

All our products are "broad spectrum" meaning they are completely THC-free and yet retain all the other essential components that help CBD work in the body.

We use a patented technology to create a poly-sorbate nano-emulsion that makes our CBD essentially water soluble. 

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