Beyond Ibuprofen Webinar

Unlock Your Running Performance with CBD

Webinar Presented By

Run Your State & Venga CBD

March 2024

About This Webinar: Dive into the science behind why ibuprofen can be harmful for athletes, how CBD can aid your running, and how it can elevate your performance.

We’ll explore the science behind CBD’s impact on recovery, pain management, and overall well-being, and learn how incorporating it into your routine can revolutionize your running journey.

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Message From Run Your State Founder, Steve Farina

Dear Runner,

As a routinely 'broken' athlete, I leverage everything I can to support my continued longevity in sports. Along with lots of stretching and bodywork, CBD has become critical in keeping my body, knees & back happy with all the miles and training.

And yet, while the conversation around CBD is getting louder within the athletic community, it's hard to tell what to believe anymore.

Wading through what’s true and what’s a myth and what can be trusted is something athletes are struggling with right now.

Last year I had the opportunity to work with Venga CBD, a startup located in the mountains of Colorado. Founded by a trail runner/entrepreneur, their mission is to help endurance athletes stay in their sport for life through the use of next-generation CBD products.

Within a short time, it became clear that these guys were on to something, and their approach was completely different from anything I’d seen in the space.

As I talked to athletes using their products, I became convinced that Venga CBD products could transform how runners & athletes manage pain, recovery, injury, and mental health.

I decided to invest in the company and take an active role in helping the company grow and reach new athletes.

I hope to see you on this webinar!!

Steve Farina
Steve Farina
Founder |

All participants get a copy of Beyond Ibuprofen as well as other perks to be announced!

Beyond Ibuprofen