Creating a CBD Product for Endurance Athletes

When we set out to engineer a CBD solution that would meet the high-demands and high standards of endurance athletes, we found a significant flaw in the typical CBD product on the market.

Because CBD is an oil and your body is mostly water — oil & water don’t mix — it’s very difficult for your body to absorb CBD.

As it turns out, most products on the market don’t address this critical issue. The result? A typical CBD tincture only delivers about 17% bioavailability — in other words, the portion easily processed and put to good use by your body. The rest gets excreted from
your system.

That’s an 83% loss! Down the drain, wasted!

Think about that – if you take 10mg of a typical CBD oil from a dropper you only get about 1.7mg in your system – that is ineffective and expensive!

So when we went into the laboratory at Venga to create a product that would deliver the kind of results that every endurance athlete expects from themselve and their equipment we had to create a CBD that reflected that same level of performance.

We developed a product that creates a NANO-Emulsion out of the CBD that gives 4 to 5 time more CBD directly into your body over what typical CBD products can deliver. The nano-emulsion CBD particles are emulsified to a size which allows the CBD particles to pass through the membranes of the gut and straight into the bloodstream.

Furthermore, even though CBD plays a key role in alleviating inflammation, one of the primary drivers of pain, we went one step further and sought to engineer a second source to fight inflammation. We turned to curcumin, an ingredient found in the spice turmeric, often touted for its antioxidant benefits and its ability to promote a normal inflammatory response. Our Curcumin formulation is 300% more absorbable than conventional curcumin products. It uses superior ingredients, for higher absorption and more efficient processing in the body. Turmeric – Curcumin also contains the carbohydrate D-ribose to provide additional support for promoting a normal inflammatory response.

Finally, we know the busy lifestyle you live – you’re on the go and always on the move so our solution had to be something that you could take on the fly with great ease. Typical sublingual oils need to stay under the tongue for at least 60 seconds – that won’t work on a run, ride or swim.

We turned to soft gel technology for the answer and the result is amazing! We created a product that delivers

Because this CBD remedy goes way beyond a typical soft gel, we call them Ultra Gels.

Ultra Gels – the fast, precise, CBD remedy for endurance athletes.