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Track your whole year with this athlete training calendar for your wall or iPad!
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60 Day Guarantee

We are so confident Venga will help you, we offer a 60-Day money back guarantee with 1-click returns.


Plant Powered Pro

Veejay Jones uses Venga CBD to help him avoid ibuprofen, recover faster and perform at a higher level.

Veejay scrutinizes everything that goes into his body and he knows that Venga CBD is the best CBD for him.

Plus Venga CBD is THC-free so he will not fail a drug test after competition!

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Kevin C

Most Effective

Kevin Chow - Ultra Runner

I've been using these for years. Ultra gels have been the most effective for me through those tough miles and at the end of a long race.

Cristin L


Cristin L - Triathlete

I refuse to use pain killers & wanted CBD that wouldn't show up in a drug test but would help w/ back pain, daily headaches & stress. Venga is it!

Andrea M


Andrea M - Runner

This product has helped to reduce my fibromyalgia pain and allow me to get on my treadmill daily for 4-6 miles.A miracle for me. Just try it!

Andy D

Best CBD I’ve Tried!

Andy D - Runner

I have been getting better sleep, muscles recover faster between workouts and my mood has improved.

Finish Lines Not Side Lines

Venga CBD has helped 1000's of athletes.
We guarantee it will help you!

Goodbye Pain Hello PR!

CBD helps you recover from workouts more quickly, recover from injury more effectively, and alleviate pain during competition or endurance training.

CBD works with your body’s existing Endocannabinoid System to release neurotransmitter molecules that suppress the inflammation mechanisms and thereby reduce pain and allow the tissues to heal faster.



Side Lines


Wide Awake



Finish Lines


Sound Asleep

Don't Get Ripped-Off

Our NanoCell Technology gives athletes 500% more CBD in their bloodstream than a typical CBD product.

Typical CBD
90% Wasted

Typical CBD has very poor bioavailability. As a result, you only get about 10%+ in your bloodstream.

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Typical CBDVenga CBD

Get 500% More
In Your System

Because NanoCell CBD is water-soluble, you get 500% more CBD in your bloodstream than typical products.

CBD Oil Gel Capsules

Venga CBD
500% More In Your System

Because NanoCell CBD is water-soluble, you get 500% more CBD in your bloodstream than typical products.

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Curcumin Powered

We add 250mg of NanoCell curcumin from the tumeric root to each softgel for additional pain & inflammation fighting power!

Incredible Results
"I've been training pretty hard for several months. The Ultra Gels have helped with day-to-day recovery and readiness."
Ryan D
Verified Review
Ultra Gels Beat Inflammation.
"Way more effective for limiting joint inflammation than Advil."
Pete B
Verified Review
Game Changer
"Venga Ultra Gels have been instrumental in my recovery from races and daily training."
Sarah M
OCR Athlete
Verified review
The Best!
"My milage is up, my recovery is down and I'm a happy runner! Thanks Venga!"
Ruth S
Verified Review
Happy Runner
"These are the best CBD gels on the market!"
Pete H
Marathon Runner
Verified Review



Endurance For Life

Our mission is to help you stay healthy, pain & injury-free so you can enjoy the sport you love for life.

Every Venga CBD product is specifically made to support an area of your endurance life.

We’re 100% dedicated to developing the best products for endurance athletes. 

We make it easy for you to know exactly how much CBD to take, when to take it and how it’s going to help your performance improve.

Venga CBD Endurance System

Athlete Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 133 reviews
Stephane Olivier
Amazing nano gel

Once a day before getting busy on my workouts or runs
Great way to start the day
Thank you venga cbd

Ashley Cherie
My go to!

I have autoimmune diseases that cause inflammation and so much discomfort. When I use these it nearly eliminates them so I can really focus on training.

Damien Fuschetto

I love this CBD! It's excellent for recovery, inflammatory, and rest! Highly recommend!!

Patrick K
Training Essential

On month three of this product and I am very pleased. Has helped with soreness and with managing some aches during my ultra running training. I feel it works better than other CBD products as the impacts are more consistent and significant. Reduced my used of ibuprofen which is a huge bonus.

Bob S
Does the trick

I have been taking these for a month and they seem to really help.

Jessie Noid
Excellent product

I use the Ultra Gels daily. I always take 1 first thing in the morning (and sometimes twice if I’m sore from a big workout or competition.) I never notice how beneficial the daily gels are until I forget to take them. I notice the biggest relief in my joints and overall soreness. Venga CBD is the best most efficient brand around and I love ALL their products!

Deivid Valdez

After 3 months using Venga CBD I am confident saying that the product is great! I love taking every day during those intensive marathon training weeks. I feel relaxed and focused.

OCR Simplified
Recoveries are improving

I have been trying out the Ultra Gells for about a month now, starting with one nightly before bed and now two. I can say that I have noticed less fatigue as I head into my workout the next morning and a little more focus then as well. I do not see any indications impacts to my sleep (positive or negative) and will continue to monitor how this goes in the coming months.

Bob Vollmann

Very effective!

anastasia bigler
Ultra gels

These are by far the best I have used

60 Day Guarantee

We are so confident Venga will help you, we offer a 60-Day money back guarantee with 1-click returns.

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