The Ultimate Training Calendar

As athletes we strive to show up on race day prepared and ready to rock!  To achieve this, we have to train consistently – and how do we do that? 

We make a plan!

“A failure to plan is planning to fail.”

And yet… 

Our plan has to account for all the demands of our daily life; family, work, school, social commitments, vacations, and on and on… 

So what’s the trick to planning training around “life?”

MAKE IT VISUAL – See your Whole Year At A Glance!

For many, a way to see the entire year at a glance is a game changer. Most planning and calendar tools fail our visual needs by separating years into months into boxes the width of a week. 

That’s why we created a calendar to help us see and plan the whole year. We wanted to be able to post a BIG calendar on the wall so we could plan for the year to include training, racing, family, life, and everything in between. Our Endurance training calendar has all the days of the year on a SINGLE PAGE!

Being able to glance at a high-level plan and record of training & life can be a game-changer in making training decisions and staying motivated. 


The mileage doesn’t count if you don’t track it! Ok, not really, but we added endurance training features like a tracking scale, goal setting area & numbered weeks so that you can get as granular with your planning and tacking as you want.

We posted our first training calendar online for free 3 years ago, ad what happened next blew us away! We started to get pictures from athletes, moms, and business owners showing us how they were using the calendar not just for training but to plan all areas of their life! 

Our calendar has become an indispensable tool for thousands of athletes to help them  plan, train, stay accountable, and keep up with life’s demands. 

Here’s how professional Spartan athlete, Veejay Jones, is using his 2021 calendar to Make it Epic:

  • The digital version works great on an iPad – just open with Apple Notes or our favorite, Good Notes, and create your year! 
  • Use the top scale to track anything that’s meaningful to your training; milage, workouts per week, weight, etc. 
  • Use sticky notes to highlight important dates – races, birthdays, etc.
  • Consider all areas of your life that come in contact with your training – school, vacations, family commitments, seasonal/weather impacts
  • Use the numbered weeks to quickly assess the time period between dates
  • Display in a place where it is easy to access and you’ll see it every day
  • Add important life events – over the year this will become a time capsule if your year

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