Why Every Athlete Needs CBD – Interview with Venga CBD CEO & Diaz Human Performance Coach Richard Diaz

Venga CBD founder and CEO, Jay OHare, recently sat down (virtually) with Coach Richard Diaz to talk shop and discuss all-things CBD-related. Coach Diaz is world-renown for turning athletes into OCR and Spartan Champions, working with the likes of  Spartan champs VeeJay Jones, and Hunter McIntyre, and Crossfit Master’s star, Jenn Ryan. 

You can learn more about Coach Diaz’s services at: https://diazhumanperformance.com/

Show Notes:

(2:04) Coach Diaz chats about his background and how he got started coaching OCR

(8:02) Coach Diaz chats about his introduction to Venga CBD

(12:45) Jay begins talking about CBD “nature’s ibuprofen”

(14:00) Jay discusses starting Venga CBD at a time when there was a lot of confusion around CBD – is it pot? (No!)

(18:55) Discussing customer reviews and Spartan Pro’s Ashley Heller’s use of Venga CBD to recover from getting hit by a car on her bike

(21:47) Explanation of Venga CBD’s higher bioavailability and why you can take less, but feel greater benefits.

(25:23) Why Venga CBD is great for OCR athletes

(28:47) Coach Diaz discusses his use of Venga CBD Ultra Gels for sleep

(42:55) How CBD works in your body to help eliminate pain





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