CBD Products for Endurance Athletes

Train Longer.
Race Harder.
Recover Faster.


Designed for endurance athletes to help with their training, racing, and recovery.

Venga CBD System

We’re here for every aspect of your endurance life

“I wish my training was more consistent.”

We’ve got you covered with our daily Ultra Gels. Packed with premium, broad-spectrum CBD, these gels are designed to support your endurance, ease discomfort, and help you bounce back faster after every workout.

“I want to be faster in my races!”

Our Aid Station Gummies are your relief on the go.
Perfect for athletes who want to pick up the pace, these tasty chews are formulated to reduce inflammation and minimize discomfort during your most demanding races.

“I hurt - can you help?”

Yes! Our Recovery Balm provides instant topical relief where you need it most. Crafted with a powerful blend of CBD and soothing botanicals, this balm penetrates deep to alleviate soreness, reduce inflammation, and accelerate recovery.

Venga CBD with nanocell technology
is Made for Endurance Athletes

Running | Biking | Triathlon | Swimming | Climbing | Hiking | OCR

NanoCell Technology

Whatever your sport, you ask your body to do more and perform at a higher level than 99% of the people on the planet! And it pays because endurance athletes are some of the healthiest people in the world.

As we age it gets harder to bounce back, maintain the miles, hours & laps. CBD (cannabidiol) is an all-natural remedy that targets your discomfort, swelling and so much more.

Our Endurance CBD™ products are made to help your body do the endurance sport you love for the rest of your life.

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Love it or Your Money Back


Venga CBD Ambassador Program

Pro Athletes Love Venga CBD

Introducing the Venga Pro Ambassador Team

4x OCR World Champion, Ultra Runner, Attorney

Amelia Boone

Winningest 100mi Runner In History

Karl "Speedgoat" Melzer

Pro OCR Racer

Ashley Heller

2x OCR World Champion

Veejay Jones

Ultra Runner, Badwater 135 Record Holder

Ashley Paulson

Ex-Pro Football Player, Model, Actor

Jamaal Lewis

Pro OCR Racer

Jennifer Fisher

Pro OCR Athlete, Nephrologist

Dr John Howard

Don't Get Ripped-Off

Typical CBD
90% Wasted

Typical CBD has very poor bioavailability. As a result, you only get about 10%+ in your bloodstream.

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Typical CBDVenga CBD

Get 500% More
In Your System

Because NanoCell CBD is water-soluble, you get 500% more CBD in your bloodstream than typical products.

CBD Oil Gel Capsules

Venga CBD
500% More In Your System

Because NanoCell CBD is water-soluble, you get 500% more CBD in your bloodstream than typical products.

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Curcumin Powered

We add 250mg of NanoCell curcumin from the tumeric root to each softgel for additional pain & inflammation fighting power!

NanoCell technology

Stop wasting money! You get 5x more in your bloodstream than typical CBD products with our NanoCell CBD.


You get additional support power with curcumin from the turmeric root.

Super Concentrated

Formulated for athletes, all our products contain much higher concentrations than other products on the market.

THC Free

All our products are completely THC-free. You will not fail a THC drug test from Venga CBD products.

Get REsults With Venga CBD in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Buy Venga CBD

We deliver nationwide and you'll have your CBD in just a few days.

Step 2

Take Venga CBD Every Day

Take consistently as CBD needs time to build up in the body.

Step 3

Train Longer, Race Harder, Recover Faster!

Enjoy results like better sleep, mood, faster recovery and less pain.

Kevin C

Most Effective

Kevin Chow - Ultra Runner

I've been using these for years. Ultra gels have been the most effective for me through those tough miles and at the end of a long race.

Cristin L


Cristin L - Triathlete

I refuse to use pain killers & wanted CBD that wouldn't show up in a drug test but would help my back & daily exercise challenges. Venga is it!

Andrea M


Andrea M - Runner

This product has helped to reduce my discomfort and allow me to get on my treadmill daily for 4-6 miles. A miracle for me. Just try it!

Andy D

Best CBD I’ve Tried!

Andy D - Runner

I have been getting better sleep, muscles recover faster between workouts and I'm crushing my goals.