Venga, venga, venga!

Our mission is helping you stay healthy, pain & injury-free
so you can enjoy the sport you love for life.

Enginnered for endurance

The fittest people on the planet can also be the most broken.

Injuries, pain, slow recovery, and aging keep athletes from performing their best and in many cases out of the sport they love completely!

We created a system of pain, performance, and recovery products that are all-natural and plant-based to help 60 million athletes suffer less and heal faster allowing them to thrive in their sport for life.

100% Athlete Focused

All of our formulas, products, and research are driven toward improving the performance and lives of endurance athletes.

CBD has the potential to replace so many traditional pharmaceuticals while providing a wealth of additional benefits to the body and mind.

We hope you join us on this journey by adding this plant-based remedy to your endurance life.

The Venga Story

“Venga!” is a Spanish term that means “Come on! Let’s go!”

We felt this to be a fitting name given our mission to help athletes succeed in their sport.

When we started the company we looked around and saw the myriad of options and products in the CBD market space and saw how confused people were and made a pledge to bring simple products the best products to the market so that endurance athletes can have the best products that help them.

In just a few short years CBD has exploded on the scene and yet with so many choices companies and claims it’s super confusing. We’re dedicated 100% to you the endurance athlete, to bring the best products and a simple lineup so that you know exactly how much to take when to take it and how it’s going to help your training racing in recovery.

Our mission from day one has been to bring the best CBD products to the endurance athletes around the country in a simple easy to use product lineup so they know exactly how much to take when to take it and how it can benefit them.

Our team is made up of runners cyclists triathletes snowboarders and obstacle course racers who have a passion for our sports and our mission. 

So keep pushing, improving, and going for more.

Stay out there.

Every Purchase Plants a Tree

We love the great outdoors as much as you do. It’s our playground and we recognize the importance of taking steps to protect and keep our precious, life-giving, lungs of the earth thriving. That’s why we plant a tree every time you make a purchase. As the wildfire season here in Colorado and around the world grows in length each year, helping to restore our forest lands is more important now, than ever! 

Pro Athletes Love Venga CBD

Introducing the Venga Pro Ambassador Team

Congrats Veejay Jones!

2021 OCRWC World Champion


2021 Spartan Series Champion

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