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CBD doesn’t need to be complicated.

That’s why we only offer a select few products that cover 100% of your CBD needs and are all THC free!

All our formulas, products, and research help you perform at your best, and crush your goals!



Venga CBD Ultra Gels

Venga CBD Ultra Gels are designed to be a core part of your daily training regime. Ultra Gels have maximum bioavailability and include curcumin for additional inflammation fighting power.

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Venga CBD Aid Station

Venga CBD Gummies help your body fight inflammation and ward off pain while you’re doing the sport you love, without the harmful side effects of taking NSAIDs or other pharmaceuticals. Venga CBD Aid Station Gummies are all organic with the perfect combination of flavor and CBD that you can take on the go.

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Venga CBD Recovery Balm

Venga CBD Recovery Balm has been formulated to target an athlete’s muscles and joints naturally and effectively as a topical solution. Simply apply several times a day as needed.

500mg & 1000mg Options

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