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  • Target discomfort with our ultra-concentrated topical Recovery Balm (1oz)
  • Get the critical sleep you need with our CBN + Melatonin + CBD Super Sleep formula
Venga CBD

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Our proprietary blend is designed to help you fall asleep and stay asleep - without getting any negative side effects. No high and no hangovers whatsoever.

Venga CBD

Recovery Balm - Save 25%

Targeted Relief on Demand


All-natural, beeswax-based topical CBD for muscles and joints.
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Venga CBD
500mg (1oz)

Bundle Description

We recommend a mix of Recovery Balm & Super Sleep – Our Recovery Balm goes to work on those sore areas FAST! Knees, back, neck & shoulders are just a few of the top areas our Recovery Balm helps athletes get relief. Add a dose of our Super Sleep at night and you’ll turbo-charge your recovery with CBD and a great night’s sleep.

The Venga CBD System is designed to cover all your training, racing & recovery needs with simple, yet highly effective CBD-based products. The products are designed to work together to help fight pain and inflammation, speed recovery, and keep you on pace when you’re on the go.
We’ve taken all the guesswork out of CBD for you.

Athlete Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 81 reviews
Alisa Seeberger
Absolutely Amazing!

I can’t express enough how awesome this product is! I’ve tried several different brands, and by far this is my favorite balm for pain and recovery. I herniated a few discs in my neck 10 years ago on my mountain bike racing, and now I have arthritis. I still race ultras running, mtn biking and Triathlons. So pain is not uncommon, but I truly have so much leas pain. And honestly I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t tried it. I got a sample at Leadville race a few years ago. Thank you for your amazing Product! Alisa

Pegi Simmerman
Best Ever

I love the Recovery Balm - I use it every morning for my lower back/sciatic nerve. The relief is almost immediately and lasts all day long.

Gregg Guernsey
Shoulder trouble!

I had been having shoulder pain for over a month, which was being aggravated by shooting my bow while getting ready for deer season! After applying the recovery balm for a little over a week I am shooting the bow again without any pain! I wanted to ask about the recovery balm as it seems to have more of an odor than what I had before? Wondering if something had been changed with it? Not complaining but just asking! I’m very satisfied with the results I'm getting! Thanks!

Anna B
Great product

Very helpful for my arthritis and sciatica pain!

Adrienne Doherty
Recovery must have

This is definitely my go to for sore muscles and joints. I never leave it out of my race bag. I’ve also been putting it on the bottom of my foot and it’s helped a ton with plantar fasciitis. Love this stuff!

Brianne Showman
So Effective!

The Recovery Balm kept the muscle soreness down during a 3-day CrossFit competition, allowing me to continue competing at a high level in each event.

Pete DeBruin
Works immediately

I can put this on before I go workout and be good to go right away. I love it.

Cheri Towell
Very nice balm

Does what it says, moisturizing, not sticky. Does look like paste, but smooths out, nice smell

John Potter
Helped My Achilles Tendinopathy

Yeah, used the venga balm at night and it helped reduce inflammation in my lower leg. Thanks!

Stephanie Downey
I love this stuff

I use this several times daily on any trouble areas and muscles that need a little help healing or recovering. This helped me heal from an ankle sprain and has helped me overcome some plantar fasciitis issues that popped up after the sprain.

How to Use

Recovery Balm

> Recover like a champion

Designed for direct application to the skin in the areas you need immediate relief. Simply rub a finger-full of balm topically when your muscles feel tired, stiff or sore. Use a massaging motion for best transdermal absorption and enjoy 3-4 hours of comfort per use.

Recovery Balm is best when combined with routine use of Venga Ultra Gels as an added dose of CBD designed to treat acute areas of inflammation. Working from the outside of your skin, deeply penetrating muscle relief comes from the combination of water-soluble CBD and the essential oils of lavender and eucalyptus.

Super Sleep FAQs

How much CBN is in each softgel?
Each softgel contains 3mg of CBN.

How much melatonin is in each softgel?
Each softgel contains 3mg of melatonin.

How much CBD is in each softgel?
Each softgel contains25mg of water-soluble CBD.

Is CBN legal everywhere in the US?
YES! CBN is a non-intoxicating and non-psychotropic compound that we have extracted from the hemp plant. All Venga CBD Products are legal for sale in all US States – and are completely THC-free.

Are there side effects from taking CBN?
CBN may cause drowsiness. Hemp-derived CBN products are generally well tolerated and considered safe for adults. As with any other natural sleep aid or hemp supplement, consult your physician, as there is a chance that it could cause adverse reactions for some people.

What product would you suggest if I want to use CBD for more than just supporting quality sleep?
If you prefer to take CBD during the day, our Ultra Gel Softgels would be a better option.

Melatonin has never worked for me—should I try these softgels?
If you know that melatonin does not work for you, you may want to try a different product, such as our Ultra Gel softgels. The good news is, CBD can still support a good night’s rest on its own!

Is there any THC in Venga Super Sleep?
No, these softgels contain 0.0% THC, as shown by third-party lab reports.

How many softgels come in each bottle?
Each bottle contains 30 softgels.

What is the shelf life?
When stored correctly, Venga CBD Softgels with CBN & Melatonin are good for about 18 months.

Why is Venga CBD Broad-Spectrum?
Broad-spectrum simply means that our CBD extract also contains other powerful terpenes and cannabinoids from the hemp plant. We want our customers to have access to all the benefits of these powerful plants!

Where should I store my Super Sleep softgels?
The softgels should be stored away from light and at room temperature.

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