Ultra Gels with Water Soluble CBD


Engineered for Endurance

Our CBD Ultra Gels are formulated for you the endurance athlete. That means you get more than just CBD oil. Our Ultra Gels feature:

  • 5 times more absorption into your bloodstream through patent-pending water-soluble technology, compared to typical CBD oils
  • 2 times the inflammation-fighting power with the addition of turmeric-curcumin
  • 10 times cannabinoids from our medical grade hemp
  • THC free makes this WADA compliant
  • Non-GMO using organic farming practices

All our formulas, products, and research are driven toward helping you perform at your best, reduce your pain and recover more quickly so that you can crush your goals!

Every purchase gives back to the planet! We’ll plant a tree on your behalf in one of 5 areas of your choice: Colorado, California, Oregon, Florida or British Columbia. 

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