Ultra Gels with Water Soluble CBD

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Train Longer

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For the next 60 days 5% of every sale will be donated to Give to Cure, a medical research non-profit that has diverted 100% of their efforts to fight Covid-19.

Why Give to Cure?

  • 100% of the donations are used for research, no overhead costs.
  • They move FAST, by using the power of the crowd to find cures faster.
  • The founder is doing amazing things with his own money for a community in Colorado to help fight Covid-19.

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Never Miss Another Workout Again

(because of pain, soreness or stiffness)

Our CBD Ultra Gels are formulated for you the endurance athlete. That means you get more than just CBD oil.

Engineered for Endurance

Our CBD Ultra Gels feature:

Venga Guarantee

Maximum CBD in Your Bloodstream from an Oral Supplement
You get the most CBD in your body to help fight pain, recover faster and perform at your best.

Reduces Inflammation
CBD has been proven to reduce inflammation which is the #1 source of pain. Less inflammation helps your body heal faster so you can train more consistently.

Most Effective CBD
With up to 10x more cannabinoids than typical industrial hemp, more elements are available to aid the recovery and support processes.

Works Fast
You can trust that Ultra Gel CBD gets to work in your body faster than any other oral CBD supplement.

All our formulas, products, and research are driven toward helping you perform at your best so that you can crush your goals!

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Venga CBD Ultra Gels
Ultra Gels with Water Soluble CBD

$85.00 or subscribe and save up to 15%

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